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Me Time: A Day of Relaxation and My First Facial at Seaham Hall

As someone who's literally always on the go, having days where I can really relax and have a bit of "me time" are absolutely essential. I've become a huge fan of spa days recently after having my first one earlier this year and having a luxury day full of ultimate relaxation is absolute heaven for anyone, even more so when you live a very hectic and on the go lifestyle. Seaham Hall is just a thirty minute drive from where I live and in the north east, it's famous for its stunning landscapes, it's beautiful hotel and it's luxury Serenity Spa, a spa which has been voted one of the world's top 100 spas and as soon as I walked through the doors I could see why everyone I know raves about it. I took my mum with me as at 46 years of age she'd never, ever been to a spa before and there really was not better place to take her for her first!

Anyway, what I was really looking forward to was my treatment. Every time I've been on a spa day before, I've opted for the typical massage and while massages are obviously amazing, I've been wanting to branch out a bit more - there is more to relaxation than massages! I was booked in for a Ytsara Ultimate Fusion Facial and I honestly wasn't sure what to expect. Would it be as relaxing as a massage? Would I enjoy it? Would it be good for my skin? As you'll see later on, the answer to every one of these questions was a big fat yes - I even felt good enough to take a no make-up selfie *shock horror!*


The Serenity Spa offers an absolutely huge range of treatments, including the Ytsara treatments. Ytsara is a collection of treatments and products based on Thai therapies and Asian knowledge, using traditional, holistic methods to relax and rejuvenate, as well as looking and feeling amazing. There are a whole range of Ytsara facials including a Beauty Sleep Facial and a Time Rewind Facial, but I got the Ultimate Fusion Facial, a 90 minute treatment combining Eastern and Western techniques to leave skin feeling bright and healthy. This was exactly what my skin needed as although I have combination, blemish prone skin, it's extremely dehydrated and dull and my therapist Nathalie (who was absolutely amazing by the way) knew what my skin was craving straight away. 

The treatment started with a foot wash in some beautifully scented water with Thai flowers while Nathalie explained what the treatment would entail. As I'd never had a facial before, I was unsure what to expect but as soon as the treatment began I knew I was going to be a facial convert. Nathalie used massage techniques on my face, along with Ytsara products, a warm poultice and a neck, shoulder and foot massage, finishing off with a peel off mask that left my skin feeling the best it's ever, ever felt. Plus, it's not only the effects on my skin that I loved about the treatment but how relaxed I felt throughout and afterward. I was one of those who thought "gosh 90 minutes is a long time" but by the end of it I was thinking "noo it can't be over!" I felt like I was floating through the treatment with the amazing smells, the treatments and the heated chair beneath me. Absolute bliss. After the treatment, Nathalie took me up to the Zen Room which has beautiful views of the grounds and heated seats, and got me some sorbet to finish my treatment off. Can I do it all again please?

There's so much more to spas than just a standard massage and whilst massages are great, sometimes they're not what you need to reach peak relaxation. I didn't realise just how tired and unhealthy my skin looked and felt until the treatment and it's got me thinking about branching out into more spa treatments - I've got my eye on the Coconut Head Massage for next time!


The facilities at Seaham Hall are absolutely out of this world and it's so easy to relax an entire day away in such a tranquil place. A 20 metre pool, snail showers, a jacuzzi, personal jets in the pool, a sauna, steam room, foot baths, outdoor jacuzzis (which were nice and warm enough for me and my mum to sit in even though it was pouring down!)'s safe to say that the Serenity Spa has some of the best spa facilities in the north east. Normally when it comes to swimming pools, I'm one of those annoying people who puts a toe in, complains about how cold it is and then sits on the side observing. Not here - at Seaham Hall you couldn't get me out of the pool! It was warm, the jets were the coolest things ever and even though I nearly knocked myself out with the really powerful jet in the middle of the pool (to which my mum nearly died laughing at), it was just so peaceful and serene I could have just floated in it all day. 

However, my favourite room in the entire spa had to be the Hammam, a warm steam room with a smaller, powerful jacuzzi inside, along with snail showers. This room was where I felt most relaxed, chilled and tranquil and it smelled so fresh and clean too. A must visit for ultimate relaxation!


Inside the Serenity Spa is the Ozone Restaurant, serving laid back Thai cuisine with the perfect serene atmosphere you want during a spa day. You can even dine in your robe and slippers and let's be honest, we've all always wanted to dine out with amazing food in our dressing gowns haven't we? The decor is wonderfully modern with a cocktail bar in the centre and an open kitchen and the food was delicious. As soon as I saw prawn pad thai on the menu I knew I was sold! We also had the most amazing dessert in the form of this gigantic bowl of Eton Mess - I'm drooling just thinking about it! 

Overall my mum and I had a fantastic day at Seaham Hall and my mum is definitely a spa convert, visiting the Serenity Spa for her first spa experience aged 46. Whether you want to treat yourself, treat a friend or family member or celebrate a special occasion Seaham Hall's Serenity Spa is the only way to do it, especially with Christmas coming up. I've been looking through at the Festive Packages for both the spa and the hotel and I'm already swooning over them! Even if you live quite far away I'd recommend travelling and staying overnight for a real treat, especially if it's for a gift or if you're well overdue some quality time! 

The Serenity Spa is now the flagship for the Ytsara brand meaning that you can buy any of the products used during the treatments to add into your skincare routine - I'm having buyers regret because I missed out! 

Have you ever been to Seaham Hall before? 

You can check out the spa packages at the Serenity Spa online, whether you want treatments, a package or a half-day spa visit. Also if you're looking for something festive be sure to check out their Christmas deals

Amy x

*PR Relationship. All words and views remain my own.
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