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Monday, 5 September 2016

Handling The Social Side of Freshers

It's that time of year again; the Hogwarts Express has left Platform 9 and 3/4, the tweets about pumpkin spice lattes are in full swing and we're all looking forward to putting the bikinis away and getting the knitted jumpers out. And of course, we all know what that means - the University year is starting again and freshers all over the country are packing up their things and starting a new chapter of their lives. I just graduated in June but I remember all too well the nerves I got when I headed to my first day of fresher's week, especially as I was going to be driving to university rather than living in. Would I be left out? Would I still make friends? Was I actually going to enjoy university? There are a few things I learnt about making friends at freshers, especially when you're thrown out of your comfort zone and I thought I'd share them with you, along with the new app Huggle that will undoubtedly help you not just at freshers but throughout your time at university.

No matter how confident you are, going into new situations like university can be extremely daunting. I'm quite confident in general but I do get very anxious when it comes to such big events like freshers and this was especially true three years ago when I started university. I remember the sick feeling in my stomach, my foot shaking on the clutch as I was driving, my heart pounding as I walked up to my college and it's not a pleasant feeling. Although it can be really difficult I think one of the key things about making friends and settling in during those first few weeks of university is to really put yourself outside your comfort zone. Walking over to people and asking them about themselves, making an effort to attend the events that are on, joining a club...all of this is really important. Of course, all of this is easier said than done which is where Huggle comes in.

Huggle is an app that connects you with like-minded people, people who are nearby or who have been to the same places as you, whether it's that party at freshers, the university gym, the rowing team meeting or simply your halls. It shows you who is hanging out at places you like to hang out to meaning that you can easily meet people who have similar interests and likes. Unlike some other apps that are out there, Huggle only connects you with people based on common places, meaning you aren't being judged superficially but you're connected because you're more likely to get along with them, leading to long term friendships which is obviously key during university as you will be living there for three very important years of your life. And that's my favourite thing about Huggle; it gets rid of those inappropriate messages and photos that you don't want, instead attracting messages from people who are looking for genuine friendships, easily logging you in via Facebook and checking you in using hyper-logical technology. Basically, it means it checks you in using your genuine location rather than letting you type it in so you know everyone is genuinely where they say they are.

Freshers could be one of the best times of your life. I know during my Freshers week there were loads of super cool events on, including silent discos, parties, formal dinners, bar crawls and so many new things to try. I even tried underwater hockey (not good!). It can be such a great opportunity for people like me who perhaps weren't socially confident as it puts you right outside of your comfort zone and you don't have a choice but to throw yourself in. Daunting? Yes. Terrifying? Yes. Probably awful for the first few hours? Yes. But after the initial scares and panics, you can make some of the best friends you ever will in your entire life and that is what Freshers and the Huggle app are all about.

You can download Huggle from the App Store for free! It's super easy to sign up too!

Amy x

*This post is in collaboration with Huggle. All words and views remain my own.

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  1. I remember being excited and equally as terrified when I moved away for university! It's such an exciting time though. Huggle sounds great! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  2. Love this post! The images are so cool!
    Kinga x

  3. I recently graduated too but I'll always remember freshers week. It's so daunting, so many changes are happening at once like moving away somewhere new, living on your own for the first time and of course meeting new people! The app sounds great though! x

    Summer, www.thetwinswardrobe.com

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  5. Aw I love this post, I wish I had Huggle last year, it would have been so helpful! I remember being so nervous for university and freshers especially because I didn't know anyone, but after a day or so I absolutely loved it!

    Robert :)


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