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Monday, 26 September 2016

Going From Season To Season

The end of September to the beginning of October can be a tricky time of year. It's that weird period in between the seasons where everyone is dying to dig out their thickest boots, their fleece pyjamas and their knitted scarves, praying for the leaves to turn copper and fall off the trees. We all know though that's really not the case and our Autumn cravings are just a lil bit premature. The wind may be nippy but it's still pretty warm-ish and although the skies are black the air is stuffy and let's face it, September isn't Autumnal at all. However, we do need to update our wardrobe to get us through this awkward transitional period and my favourite piece for doing this is a good ol' trench coat.


This absolute classic is from Unique 21 (you may have seen me mention them in my post about my white dress!) and when it comes to the time of year where it's not warm but not cold either, trench coats are the perfect balance between "jacket" and "coat". Other than being practical, they're just the ultimate coat staple. They look chic and high end no matter how budget they really are (this one is down to £30 FYI!) and can be thrown over just about anything and still look well put together. 

I also spoke about my rekindled love for earrings a few months ago and it hasn't gone away. After neglecting my poor ears for years, I finally discovered some new earrings I actually like and my collection grew with this beautiful pair from Adore, a new jewellery brand that's part of the Swarovski group, bringing beautiful, elegant designs like this to us jewellery lovers. I'll admit I'd never heard of them before getting these earrings but my oh my, their jewellery is to die for. I absolute love how simple yet eye-catching their pieces are (I've got my eye on one of the layered necklaces next!)

Finally, I'll talk about the post bargain. Can you believe this jumper is from Primark?! I saw it in my local store last week and grabbed it straight away. The knitwear section of my wardrobe is looking a little bit thin to be honest and I hadn't bought anything new for Autumn's approach and I couldn't think of anywhere better to start. I love the colours, the block stripes and the neck and best of all? It cost ten pounds. Yup, Primark has done it again!

Do you have any favourite transitional pieces?

Amy x

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  1. I absolutely love the jumper you have on, as if that's from primark!? I think you look lovely xx

    Sam // What I Know Now

  2. Lovely outfit, the trainers are right up my street x

    Hannah | Oh January

  3. so nice look ; -))


    i invite to me too



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