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Monday, 22 August 2016

Travel Friendly Beauty Products: Scampi & Chips

Travelling is exciting; whether for business or leisure, and even if it’s still in your home country or abroad. No matter where you’re going, what you’re doing, or who you’re seeing, there’s just something about travelling for me that gets me all excited like I was five years old at Christmas again. However, packing is the bain of my life and I simply hate it. Why? I either under-pack or over-pack; there’s just no middle ground with me! Over the months however I have gotten much better with this, particularly in the beauty department. So without further ado, I’m going to talk you through some of the best travel-friendly beauty products you’ll love but also be able to pack for your travels with ease.

Sonic Chic Urban Toothbrush
Well oral hygiene is important, of course, but there’s something about packing either your regular manual brush or electric one that just becomes an absolute nightmare. The problem I find; manual or electric, is the case you have to protect it and stop if getting all over anything else. Why do they make them so bulky? The Sonic Chic brush however is a compact brush which simply has a lid…so it essentially looks and feels like a chunky pen that requires 1 AA battery and away you go. Perfect!

BeeGood Vanilla & Honey Lip Balm
Lip balms are simple enough to pack, but some of these products are just firm favourites that I’m highly recommending to you guys, no matter what weather your travels are taking you too; sun, sea and sand or wintery nights in Iceland. The smell is simply lovely, and the taste is delicious (you know, because we all accidentally lick our lips immediately after application), but it’s so hydrating for your lips without the tacky texture and remains in place for hours.

Bloom & Blossom Rejuvenating Facial Spritz
Facial sprays/mists have been my summer beauty staple this year as they are simply awesome! They are refreshing, hydrating and are the perfect ‘pick me up’ whilst on the go. I carry this in my bag every day and if along the journey or whilst at my desk I feel a little tired or my skin needs a boost of hydration, I simply spray a couple spritz on my face and ta dah! I’m awake. So these are the perfect travel companion, plus more so if in warmer weather!

Percy & Reed Hair Wonder Balm
My hair is the last thing I want to be spending time on when travelling, but if I leave my hair to dry naturally it can often take hours on end but also dry frizzy. Not a nice look for the holiday snaps. This balm however, is perfect. Once I’ve gently towel-tried my hair, I apply a walnut-sized amount of this balm to my hair and leave my hair to dry as normal. The balm smells lovely for one which is one bonus, but it also helps the hair dry quicker if you were to use a hair dryer! As for the ‘frizziness’, the balm keeps it all at bay!

Nars Lip Satin Pencil
There’s always just the odd beauty item I take along with my travels that I don’t typically wear on the daily when at home. However, this lip pencil by Nars is so nice and long lasting, plus hydrating, that it’s just one I keep in my bag every day.

The Balm Travel Palette

Last but most certainly not least, is this compact travel palette by The Balm. I’m in love. It is super slim and is the size of an A5 notebook which just slides into your bag perfectly. Better yet, it has 9 eyeshadows; mattes, shimmers and glitters, a highlighter, a bronzer, 2 powder blushers and 2 lip & cheek balms. Everything you need in one sleek palette!

Make sure you check out Kayleigh's amazing blog Scampi & Chips for more of her fantastic photography, beauty tips and tricks and so much more! You will not be disappointed! I've also linked her social channels below:

Stay tuned for some more fabulous guest posters on Salt and Chic this week!


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  1. Percy and Reed do amazing hair products, their volumising hair spray is my all time favourite.
    Great post!
    Jen / Velvet Spring x

  2. Thanks again for letting me Guest Post, Amy!
    Love your blog to pieces!
    Kayleigh x


  3. Ooo gonna give Scampi and Chips a read!


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