Thursday, 11 August 2016

Products To Up Your Summer Beauty Game

Whether you're going on a summer holiday or not, August is definitely the most "summery" of months. Everyone wants a bit of sun, more of a glow, longer and later nights, busier days...I know it's always a hectic month for me as I, like most other people, am trying to enjoy the warmer weather whilst getting all of my work done and staying motivated and between work and travelling, there's often not a lot of time left for "me time". I still think it's so important to be good to yourself, whether you're travelling, working or simply busy, it's still great to have those products to make you feel good and I've got just the things for doing that.

So, first we have the contents of this month's Love Me Beauty Box - the Happily Everlasting Edit. This month, it's all about feeling good in the summer and keeping your make-up in place all day, no matter how hot it gets. Obviously if you're going on holiday this is essential but we have even had a few hot days this summer in the UK! Make-up brushes are essentials, everyone knows that and Eco Tools have always been my go-to brand of make-up brushes when I need to up my make-up game. Here, we have brushes made for blending, contouring, buffing, blushing, highlighting, painting and anything else your heart may desire and oh boy did my summer make-up bag need this. All of the Eco Tools products are cruelty free, made from recycled and renewable materials and the quality of them is unbelievable. I don't know about anyone else but I feel like make-up brushes are the key to a great make-up base and it's only in the past year or so I've realised this!

Next up, we have some more products from this month's Love Me Beauty box. Yup, all of these amazing brands are now available on there and you can get 20% discount with the code amyelizabeth20 so get going! However, I know what you're thinking: "Amy, you're the palest person ever who is petrified of the words fake tan". Well, that is definitely true. I am one of those people who hasn't yet mastered the art of fake tan and it is definitely a beauty product that is outside my expertise. However, like I've mentioned in previous posts, that's the beauty of boxes like Love Me Beauty. You get to try products you may not have been able to otherwise because you couldn't afford it, you were frightened of it like me or you just didn't think to give it a go. I've heard only great things about Vita Liberata so I thought well let's just give it a try and although I may not yet be a full fake tan convert, I know a lot of you love the fake tan so this will definitely up your tan game! I haven't yet tried the the dry oil tan or the mousse (c'mon don't throw me in at the deep end!) but I have been using the gradual tan and so far I must say that I am impressed. It doesn't smell like biscuits at all, it doesn't leave me streaky (which I know gradual tans aren't supposed to anyway but I still managed too last time I tried!) and the texture of it is more like a body lotion which suits fake tan beginners like me nicely. My mum has been using the mousse though as she is an avid fake tan user and she loves it, which is saying something as she is normally very picky with her tan! 

Also included in this month's Love Me Beauty box were these two Nuxe products, a brand I've tried and loved from previous LMB boxes. This time, Nuxe have prepared me entirely for glowing on my upcoming Dubrovnik trip: would you just look that Huile Prodigieuse Gold!? It literally looks like a bottle of Felix Felicis and when I put a little of it on the back of my hand, it shimmered so beautifully without being overpowering. As pale as I am I love having a golden glow on holiday so this is 100% coming in my suitcase with me next week! The shower oil is just as beautiful, whether you want a glow sitting in your yard on a cushion or lying on the beach, summer is all about the glitter!


Here, we've got something a little different and it's one of the latest offerings from Lush. Believe it or not, these little bottles are full of mouth wash tabs; simply pop them in your mouth with some water, give them a little crunch and then treat them like any other mouthwash. They are so cool and I feel like they're much less harsh on the mouth than traditional mouthwash but my favourite thing about them is how great they are for travelling. No more worrying that you can't fit your bottle of mouthwash in your liquids bag when you've only got hand luggage and no more worrying about the bright green mouthwash leaking all over your clothes! That is something that I worry about so much when travelling so these little bottles are going to be perfect for my upcoming journeys. I've only tried the Ugai Mouthwash Tabs as of yet but the Creme De Menthe one sounds like it's going to be my fav! 

What are your summer beauty essentials?

Amy x

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