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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Feeling Good With The Right Lingerie

Does anyone else choose their underwear based on their mood? I know I do. When I'm feeling happy and confident it's the black lace bras, when I'm feeling down and a bit crappy it's a comfy cotton bralette and some Harry Potter boxer shorts and when I'm feeling free I just go braless. I'm a strong believer that your mood and wellbeing can be affected by your underwear and I've never understood those who say "why spend a lot on underwear when no one but you sees it?" I know when I wear my favourite underwear, I wear it for me. Because it makes me feel good and not because I want to impress anyone else. I recently got these new bits and pieces in from Freya, an underwear brand that is all about making the rules yourself, mixing and matching prints and, most importantly, feeling beautiful.


These pieces I have here are from the Freya Fancies collection, a collection dedicated to bringing us the lingerie essentials in colourful AW16 style, made for mixing and matching, creating the looks that make you feel good. I'll admit that I'm more of a simple underwear gal. I love simple blacks and whites for my bras in simple bralette style. I've got really, really small boobs so cute little bralettes are what make me feel great about myself and I've learned from experience that if I try and wear "boosting" bras or styles along those lines, I end up feeling down because I just don't feel comfortable in them. Underwear is all about finding the right style for you and there is no "one size fits all approach" and that's why I love Freya's underwear so much; they have something for such a diverse range of body shapes. I can get these super cute bralettes to fit me and my teeny weeny boobs, but the plunge bras go up to a K cup, along with many of their other styles, meaning that there is a style for those of you lucky enough to be blessed with boobs too!

Anyway, as I've said Freya is all about making styles your own and to do that, they recommend that you step out of the comfort zone, mixing and matching, changing and clashing patterns to create your own unique underwear set. Team reds with florals, lace with polka dots and basically, whatever makes you feel great because isn't that what underwear is all about?

In the summer, swimwear is also super important especially if you're going on holiday. I am an absolute sucker for super cute swimwear and I can't seem to stop buying it in summer. In fact, I think this year I have more swimsuits and bikinis than the number of days I'm actually on holiday....(oopsie). Anyway, Freya sent this simply beautiful number over and I'm obsessed with the style of it. This is in the Club Tropicana print, again a print that goes from a B-cup to G-cup, and this is 100% coming with me to Dubrovnik on Sunday. The white trim, the bright pattern...it's the perfect end of summer bikini that will definitely be a swimwear staple for me.

Do you think the right lingerie can make you feel great about yourself?

Amy x


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  1. That bikini set is so pretty! I might need to hear a look at their stuff as I really struggle with swimwear in my size!
    Rachel Ellen

  2. I would LOVE to wear bralets, but I am just so uncomfortable without the support of a 'proper' bra. I recently got remeasured and am now wearing the proper size and it makes SO much difference, though its costing me a fortune in new undies! x

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

  3. cute
    !! ;-))

    i invite to me too


  4. These are such beautiful pieces! I definitely pick my underwear based on mood, although it's 90% comfort haha! The bikini is stunning <3 xx

    Sam // What I Know Now

  5. These are stunning! I'm going to have to check Freya out. I'm exactly the same too, I feel like pretty matching underwear brightens my day up!
    Jen / Velvet Spring x

  6. Gorgeous pieces - I love that bikini! xo

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x 💚

  7. I love those bralets - so cute! x


  8. I LOVE THESE BRALETTES, Especially since im from the itty bitty community too! They look so comfy and pretty at the same time! :)
    Totally agree with choosing bras base on moods! heh! All about that inner confidence lol!

    Blog-Running White Horses || YouTube

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