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Monday, 25 July 2016

What I'm Packing For A Festival

So this weekend, Rocket Dog are kindly sending Jess and I down to Y Not Festival this weekend and we cannot wait! It's been years since I've been to a festival, the last one being Download in 2012 so I'm super excited to go and experience the atmosphere, the outdoor living, the music and everything else at a different festival. Packing for a festival can be so difficult though; what do you wear? What beauty products do you take? What equipment do you need? I'm currently packing for my weekend and here is what I'm considering my festival essentials - the things you cannot go to a festival without!


Of course, when you're living in a field for three days, you're going to need some equipment and I'm going to be honest here - I suck at outdoorsy stuff. Yes, I'm an adventurer and yes, I'm always up for a challenge but last time I was at a festival, I left my tent poles on the train so arrived with only a tent canvas. Yep, that happened. Anyway, Vango sorted me and Jess out with some lit camping gear and it's definitely looking more promising than last time for sure! The Pop 300 DS Tent is made with first time/amateur campers/me in mind and as it's so easy to put up, it's one less thing for us to worry about and we can know we're going to be warm and dry. After all, a tent is probably the most important piece of equipment whilst camping so you need to make sure you get a good'n!

Also, as a tent is essentially a bit of material on the ground keeping you dry, it can get pretty chilly especially in the UK weather. Vango also sorted us out with a Cocoon sleeping bag and an adventure mat sleeping mat, two things which are definitely festival essentials for me. There's nothing worse than (a) waking up in the middle of the night feeling like an ice cube or (b) just getting comfy and then BAM there's a rock poking you in the back. The Bluetooth Lantern isn't something I'd ever have thought of buying but this might be the coolest piece of equipment of all. It's so bright so will light our tent up no problem during the festival and not only that but you can power your phone from it (!!!) and it doubles up as a speaker! How fricking cool is that!?


As I'm planning to do a kind of festival lookbook when I return from Y Not Festival, I'm not going to show you everything that I'm taking but I am going to give you a general idea of what kind of clothes I consider to be festival essentials. Obviously festival fashion is supposed to be kind of edgy, with a little bit of sass and of course, I think patterns and bright colours are the way to go. Think embroidered jeans, boho style tops, clashing, gaudy patterns and dresses teamed with trainers and all the accessories that you can possibly imagine. It's about the ring stacks, the layered necklaces, the tie bracelets and the straw hats, all to give your outfit an effortlessly cool vibe. 


Footwear can transform an outfit from formal to festival in just one detail and Rocket Dog have my back when it comes to my edgy festival footwear. I'm obsessed with the black hi-top sneakers we have here as not only are they super cool as they are, but they're made of a rubbery, well-style material. I'm not the biggest fan of traditional wellies as I think they're just really hard to make look nice so these are fab alternative. I'm going to be dressing down some dresses or skirts with these for sure! 

I may be being a little bit optimistic taking white trainers but I like to have a variety at a festival - you just can't predict the British weather. That's why I like to take a few pairs of different style shoes with me and I'm going to be taking the rubber sneakers, the white trainers and the wedge sandals. That way I'm prepared for all eventualities! 

Also, if these shoes weren't cool enough on their own, they're super comfy, something which is an essential when it comes to festival shoes as you spend a lot of time on your feet, whether that's dancing, watching a band or exploring the site. Comfort is essential to prevent painful blisters and rubs from the shoes! 


Packing beauty products for a festival can be tricky; you're not going to have access to your nice bedroom lighting and clean mirror for a good few days or even a shower for that matter! However, it's still important to look after your skin so there a few essentials that I would say are an absolute must. Firstly, we have make-up wipes. I may be committing the ultimate blogger sin by saying this but I just can't be bothered to faff on removing my make-up with micellar water and some cotton wool while I'm sat in the middle of a field. Make-up wipes are quick and easy and I'm sure your skin won't fall out with you too much for using them for a couple of days! 

Of course, dry shampoo is another biggie. Unless you're paying for the posh showers, there'll be no hair wash for you so dry shampoo is every long-haired festival goers best friend. It stops your hair looking too oily but is also great for styling and giving volume when you don't have that much at your fingertips!

I'm also going to be taking over the Rocket Dog instagram page over the course of the festival so make sure you head over there to see what I get up to! Also head to my own Instagram page either later today or tomorrow to enter my competition to win yourself and five friends a pair of Rocket Dog shoes!

Amy x
*This post is in collaboration with Rocket Dog. All words and views remain my own. 

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  1. Can't wait to see your festival look book, have a great time! :)


  2. That bluetooth lantern sounds amazing, I need to get myself one of those haha. Great post, I hope to go to a festiva soonl, i've never been! :(


  3. I looove Vango products - esp their tents! They've helped me survive many a festival ha. That bluetooth lantern is so clever.

    T x


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