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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Weleda: The All Natural Food For Your Skin

These days, so many skincare products contain lists of chemicals we've never ever heard of and a lot of the time, we don't actually know anything about what we're putting on our face. That's why it's always refreshing to find a brand committed to using completely natural and nurturing ingredients and Weleda is most certainly that. I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to visit Weleda HQ with some other amazing bloggers last week and see for myself how their ingredients are grown, harvested and turned into their skincare and medicinal products and let me tell you this is a brand that it so passionate about not only it's products and their ingredients, but also wellness and the environment itself.

After a little introduction to Weleda, we headed up to the beautiful gardens just outside the HQ itself and we were given a tour and explanation of the gardens and how the plants are grown and harvested, seeing all kinds of plants from rosemary to lavender to Calendula, even to a flower that smelled like cats. 

If I learned one thing about Weleda during the tour of the gardens, it would definitely be that they're totally committed to enhancing our wellbeing and our health whilst also being kind to our environment, showing us how they use biodynamic soil to really enrich the life in the plants whilst steering well clear of chemicals and pesticides. It's no wonder that Weleda as a brand has had such a long and nourished life itself and it doesn't show any signs of stopping soon! When talking to the Weleda therapists about the brand too you can just sense their passion - they don't try and create organic and natural products to be different from the rest, they do it because they genuinely care about  the ingredients and the environment and all farmers are paid fairly, which is something I'm a huge supporter of, especially in this day and age.

Even the honey is made in the Weleda gardens. We were given a little peek at how the bees are kept in the gardens, with the beekeepers even having a natural style hive high in the trees for the bees, meaning all of the honey produced is organic. We had a try of the honey that had literally been taken out of the hives and put into the jar and oh my goshhh was it good! Totes wishing I bought 100 jars right now. 

After we'd braved the cold (it's July for god's sake, weather what are you playing at?!), learned all about the plants, biodynamics and the organic and sustainable practices of Weleda, we headed back to HQ for an indoor picnic lunch and for a lesson in hand massages and we got stuck into testing out some of Weleda's most famous products, including the celebrity favourite Skin Food. I think I was the only one who hadn't tried Skin Food and now I'm appalled - it is literally amazing. Skin Food celebrated it's 90th birthday in 2016 (yup, this product has been around since 1926 - isn't that fabulous?!) and it's with good reason that this has become a cult product. Celebs like Adele and Victoria Beckham are huge fans and Weleda even have a Model Zone during London Fashion Week, where tired models can go to replenish and relax after such a hectic time. 

Skin Food contains all natural ingredients including chamomile, calendula, pansy, rosemary and orange and it is brilliant for dry, tired skin. My feet get neglected slightly as I work on my feet so they can get really rough around my heels so over the past couple of days I've been putting this on my feet overnight and it honestly makes such a difference! We gave each other hand massages just using Skin Food too and I think I'm going to have to train Karl up to give foot and hand massages with it - just the smell is super relaxing! 

Weleda also sell all natural children and baby products, products for sensitive skin with ingredients like almond, body wash and shower products and a whole host of vegetarian, vegan, cruelty-free and organic skin care products that I will definitely be looking into - the almond cleansing lotion is next on my list for sure!

So #WeledaInsight allowed us to #CelebrateSkinFood's 90th Birthday and actually introduced me to the wonderful world of Weleda! Plus, would you look at how adorable these Weleda Wellies are?! Living in the countryside these are going to be a godsend for my "summer" wardrobe!

What's your favourite Weleda product? Did you know just how natural the entire brand is?

Amy x

*PR relationship

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  1. The photography in this post is beaut! Yeah I always get a little concerned after I put a product on my skin then realise I have no idea what bezyl-whatever the hell it is and all these ingredients actually are. Looks like an awesome opportunity, gotta get my hands on some of their range!

    Sarah xx

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