Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Soft But Strong

I've mentioned before I've got a thing about pink clothes recently so I absolutely couldn't resist this Zara bomber jacket that had gone into the sale *ka-ching!* I own way too many bomber jackets to be allowed to spend more but c'mon, look at the detailing and the fit of this one. It's the very epitome of "smart-casual" and although it's patterned it's so versatile. I've styled it with my fav skinnies and a plain white tee but I imagine it would look fab with a little black cami dress and some heels, draped over your shoulders for a night out to dinner. I just can't go into Zara at the moment and not spend money - they have so many nice things and this may or may not have been the second bomber I purchased from Zara in two weeks...(watch this space for my next one!)


Anyway, as I've gotten older I've realised that all too often, we're dismissed as being weak because we like things that are considered "soft", especially us ladies. If we like things that are considered stereotypically feminine, people automatically think we aren't going to be intelligent or that we're going to be scared of everything and scream like a damsel in distress. During my time at university when people who've read my blog have asked me what I'm studying, the surprise in their faces when I saw Law is always amusing. So many people assume that because I like fashion, clothes, make-up and other "girly" things, that I'm not going to be intelligent enough or strong enough to study something like Law and although so much of this kind of judgement is unconscious, it's still totally wrong.

Yes, I like make-up and yes, I feel terribly guilty when I accidentally step on a snail and yes, I cry at Dobby's death every time I watch Harry Potter (but let's be honest, only heartless monsters wouldn't) but that doesn't mean I can't be strong. It doesn't mean I'm shy or quiet or that I won't call people out for being shitty or that people can speak to me like I'm beneath them because let me tell you I bloody well can stand up for myself and I am certainly not weak even though my skinny stick arms can't even manage a press-up. I see fellow bloggers talk about politics and social issues and you can absolutely guarantee there'll be someone who disagrees who'll say something along the lines of "this is just stupid, go back to writing about make-up and clothes." I just want more people to realise that being soft and being strong are not mutually exclusive so I'll just leave you with a Jess quote from New Girl.

"I brake for birds. I rock a lot of polka dots. I have touched glitter in the last 24 hours. And that doesn't mean I'm strong and tough and smart."

Amy x
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