Sunday, 10 July 2016

Hey Sailor

Damnnn Amy, back at it again with the bandana neck tie! I'm so very sorry for even saying that but I had to get it out of my system. Yup that's right, I'm back with another neck tie after how much I loved my pink one last week and this time it's a navy beauty from Primark that only cost a couple of quid. I'll admit, I do kind of feel like a very sassy sailor but I'm not complaining as I think that this is the perfect summer daytime look, whether or not I look like I should be part of a cabin crew. The dress is a recent addition from Zara, who I must say have upped their game significantly these past months. Don't get me wrong I've always been a massive fan of Zara but they have so many amazing pieces in right now and what's more they're all really affordable too!


My favourite part of this outfit though has got to be the sandals. I've had a pair of high-street black lace up sandals for ages now and they've been worn so much they're looking a little bit worse for wear so these Michael Kors babies came just at the right time. The quality of them is amazing and with cut out detailing, lace up tasselled front and small block heel, they are the dream pair of daytime shoes for me. They don't rub either which is a pleasant surprise and they're such a staple they'll go with nearly everything in my wardrobe, giving me a fantastic summer substitute for my chunky black boots. 

The sandals are from All Sole, an online shoe retailer stocking some of the best shoe brands on the market, from Michael Kors to Birkenstock to Superga, there are shoes for every budget and every occasion. These sandals will actually be perfect for my travels over the coming summer months because they're so chic and versatile - black sandals really are a failsafe aren't they? Speaking of travel, All Sole interviewed me for their Weekly Wanderlust series where I spoke to them about my travels, including my favourite foods, my favourite travel footwear and almost being stung by a stonefish! You can read my interview over on the All Sole blog right here. 

What shoes do you love for the summer?

Amy x
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