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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Barcelona Daytime Lookbook

A trip to Barcelona is a city break but it also has a beach and is really hot so my usual go-to city break skinny jeans were a no go, meaning I had to venture out and get the right balance of practical, stylish and light for my outfits. I didn't want to be overheating as we'd be walking, cycling and doing whatever else while in the city and as I only had my hand luggage, I needed to make sure everything fit together nicely. How I'm going to manage in Iceland in November I'll never know! Anyway, I managed, I took some of my favourite summer pieces with me and I didn't overheat!

So as you'll soon see, I have a bit of a thing for bodysuits at the mo' and the first one I wore was this leopard print body from Topshop. Obviously it's the gaudiest, loudest and tackiest style of leopard print around so naturally I fell in love with it and teamed it with my ASOS lace-up black shorts, which I actually got last year but I've linked a very similar pair. On holiday I just luuurve prints and bodysuits are the most comfy things ever so this outfit was perfect for my first day. Topshop also have this in green leopard print which I might just need for my next holiday....


On the second day it was another bodysuit from Topshop and another pair of shorts from ASOS. Can you tell what my fav combo is?! I absolutely love all of the slogan bodysuits Topshop have in at the mo' and this one has a really cute cut-out back too so it was perfect for the Spanish sun. This exact bodysuit went into the sale and sold out so this black slogan bodysuit is really similar (see the pic in the Shop the Look scroller!) - I just think bodysuits are so easy to wear and to style for holidays! The distressed denim shorts have been a wardrobe fav of mine for ageees now and are definitely one of those summer staples that everyone needs. The shade of denim is so versatile too and the entire outfit was great for a morning of exploring La Rambla! 


On the third day we had a full day of activity (more on that later so keep your eyes peeled for my Barcelona posts this week!) and I decided to wear one of my Paris purchases. In fact, Jess and I loved this so much that we both bought exactly the same one so we'll probs end up meeting for lunch and wearing the same thing at some point! This may look like a dress at first glance but it's actually a playsuit/dress hybrid and underneath the skirt is a pair of shorts so this was ideal for a day of bike riding around the city! You can get the blue playsuit dress on the Zara website and it's only £30! The Dickins and Dickins bag was my accessory of choice for the entire trip. It was big enough for all of my things (and Karl's things of course - don't boyfriends always cram your bag full of their things?!)

On the final day, it was forecast to be 30 degrees and we were flying home later that evening so I wanted something that was comfortable, cool and something I was going to want to wear all day. Yep, you guessed it. Another Topshop bodysuit. This time, it's a strappy black backless bodysuit teamed with this amazinggg pair of Zara wide leg trousers and my Becksondergaard straw hat, creating a super chic look that dealt with the heat, got me a bit of a tan on my arms and did me well for exploring the markets and eating lots of food! Seriously, I want to drink straight from a coconut everyday! 


How would you dress for a city break like Barcelona?

Amy x

*post contains gifted items.

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  1. I love your striped trousers, I think I'd struggle to pack for a hot city break! Barcelona looks beautiful, I need to get booked up to go!
    Laura x

  2. Seriously love ALL the outfits that you wore whilst you're on holiday! x


  3. loved all these outfits! especially the blue dress!

    Ciara x


  4. Love love love your fashion! I got some body suits for my holiday, as they were super comfy on my ever growing bump! Since I've been home, they no longer fit me :( think I need to invest in some more though...


  5. I'm all about body suits at the moment they are so flattering, I especially love the first one. Hope you enjoyed Barcelona.

    Emma Inks

  6. You always look fab Amy, I just love your Zara dress, it's gorgeous! x


  7. These are awesome outfits - I want to visit Barcelona so badly!
    xx Alyssa
    VISIONS OF NYC // @alyszsa

  8. Love the first outfit, it screams Barcelona and the dress/playsuit is divine!


  9. I love your leopard print body suit, it suits you so much! I went to Barcelona on a city break the day after Christmas last year and it was amazing! I hope you had a lovely time x

    |Georgia Megan|

  10. Those Zara trousers are insane, but not something I could pull off! Love the little playsuit too x

    Martha Jane | www.marthajaneedwards.com

  11. The last two outfits had me like "OMG WANT EVERYTHING" haha
    You look so good x

    Creepers & Cupcakes

  12. WOW !You Are Looking Gorgeous..Attractive.

  13. Omg I literally love this so much you look amazing and these outfits are all so flattering and stylish. Hope you had an amazing time I really want to visit Barcelona xx


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