Thursday, 9 June 2016

The Jewellery I'm Never Without

I'm a big fan of simple, intricate pieces of jewellery but I don't like to pay an absolute fortune for pieces and this is exactly why Pandora is my go-to brand when I want that special piece. Karl got me my first Pandora charm bracelet for Christmas along with the beautiful rose gold copper heart charm and I've barely had it off since. Teamed with my Pandora rings it just looks so elegant and instantly adds a touch of high class to any outfit at all and I'm currently working on building up my charm collection for it. I don't want too many charms on my bracelet so as to overpower it but I do want a fair few more and this Spring Time Pendant Charm was the perfect second addition.

The charm is from Gift and Wrap, an online jewellery company and certified Pandora retailer. They stock the entire range of Pandora charms and this one caught my eye immediately, thanks to the pretty, spring detailing and the pink gemstone. It fits in with my rose gold heart perfectly without being too much for the bracelet. The Pandora Spring Collection doesn't only have charms like this but also a beautiful selection of rings. You may have noticed that in a lot of my outfit photos, I barely take my Pandora rings off. I've got three now - the Princess ring, the daisy ring and my October birthstone ring - and I'm absolutely in love with them still, even though I got my first one a few years ago as a Valentine's Day gift. The thing about the Pandora pieces is that they never ever go out of style. They're timeless pieces of jewellery that will always make your outfits look elegant whether they're for a day time or an evening or even a prom or wedding. 

The Spring collection on the Gift and Wrap website though will definitely extend your wishlist. There's pretty flowers galore, initials, rose gold clasps, hearts and everything else related to spring you can think of and let's be honest, with how the weather has been in the UK recently we could all do with a bit of spring fun injected into our wardrobes! 

What I love most about Pandora charms though is that they allow you to completely customise your bracelet depending on your personality. There's a charm to suit everyone and for every special occasion so the bracelets really do become your own. I think the next one from Gift and Wrap I'd like to add to my bracelet is this Luminous Hearts Charm - I mean, just look how beautiful it is!

What's your favourite Pandora charm?

Amy x

*This post is in collaboration with Gift and Wrap. All words and views remain my own


  1. That's some really beautiful jewelry! I'm a big fan of Pandora myself!

  2. I've never really been into Pandora myself, but I often buy charms for friends and family as lovely little gifts. This looks stunning on you, Amy!

    Hayley-Eszti |

  3. so nice pics ;-))

    i invite to me too

  4. This is gorgeous! I have 3 pandora bracelets and 3 rings- non of which I take off. I think they can mean so much xx

    Sam // What I Know Now

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