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Thursday, 16 June 2016
Disneyland Paris

Going To Disneyland As An Adult

If one thing on this earth is certain, it's that Disney is not just for kids. I went to Disneyland for the first time a couple of years ago and Jess and I visited again last week whilst we were in Paris and the magic never ever wears off. I don't think there's a child on this earth who doesn't want to visit Disneyland and the need for the magic and wonder doesn't wear off as you get into adulthood.

The Rides

I am a huge lover of all rides, from the tamest teacups to the scariest tower drops and Disneyland does not disappoint with any of these. Jess and I went on just about everything; the rollercoasters, the teacups, the story telling rides, the simulators...there's nothing too scary or too childish for us and that's the beauty of Disney. A lot of theme parks, especially in the UK don't have a lot of a mixture of rides and tend to cater either to families and those who don't like theme parks or huge thrill seekers. The rides at Disney are for everyone

It's not just the huge selection of rides that make Disney amazing though but the special effects and amazing design of the rides. The Hollywood Tower Hotel ride is both mine and Jess' favourite ride in the park and that's not just because we love the drop. The special effects are absolutely phenomenal with holograms, amazing cast members making you feel as though you have entered a different dimension, the entire set...it all makes you feel as if you actually have entered the "Twilight Zone." Another one which is amazing is Space Mountain. The rollercoaster is completely indoors and as it's in the dark the special effects really make you feel like you're rushing through space.

Disneyland Paris also has a kind of queue jump system for some of the rides to save you queuing for hours, something which is really handy when you're only there for the day. Basically you scan your ticket at the designated station and you'll get a slip telling you at what time to go back for your queue jump. We did this for the Buzz Lightyear ride and it saved us about 45 minutes worth of queuing so you can imagine how useful these come in during the peak summer season!

The Characters

One of the most magical and most famous features of Disneyland is the presence of all Disney characters, old and new. All over the park there are opportunities to meet your fav Disney cartoon characters and the first one we met was good ol' Pluto, who danced with me and knocked my Minnie Mouse ears off! We also met Chip and Dale and saw Minnie, the Genie and Abu and also found out the times for the parades so we could see the characters in their true glory. 

There was a special Frozen feature on while we were there so we got to see Elsa and Anna on their carriage first and I cannot tell you how excited I was. Frozen is one my all time favs so when they started playing Let It Go and Elsa and Anna rode through the streets, I could have bloody cried. It was so magical and the Princesses are so good and just how you would imagine them in real life - Disney does not disappoint.

We also got right to the front for the full parade which was one of the most magical things I've ever seen and just like the rides, the detail that goes into each float and costume is breathtaking. I mean, you can see just from the photos how amazing the detailing is on the floats and with dancers, music, old and new characters, princesses, princes and cartoons, you cannot help but feel like you're inside a huge bubble of happiness.

The Magical, Unforgettable Experience

Despite the magic of the rides, the special effects, the Disney princesses and the characters, it is the overall atmosphere of Disneyland that really makes it unforgettable. No matter how old you are the sight of Sleeping Beauty's castle as you're walking down the pastel coloured streets with the classic Disney music playing will never fail to overwhelm you. The streets are lined with adorable bakeries filled with Mickey Mouse themed goodies, giant lollies and cookies, gift shops full of the dreams of kids from all around the world and stores full of goodies for you and I too. I brought my nine year old sister a giant Mickey Mouse pillow back and also got myself some Minnie goodies whilst Jess got some simply stunning collectable Disney princess glasses. 

The atmosphere in Disney just cannot be beaten. It's almost impossible to be unhappy there because there's even more magic just around the corner and there isn't a space in it that isn't perfectly themed. Each restaurant is themed depending on the area it's in and believe it or not, the prices aren't actually too bad when you're there even inside the gift shops. 

There's constantly music playing, people laughing, characters wandering and let's be honest, it's an absolute dream for us bloggers and photographers who never get tired of taking photos! Nothing matches the wondrous feelings that you get when you see the things you've only ever seen in cartoons or on TV and it is just as magical as it's made out to be.

Overall, for me, Disney is an unmissable and unforgettable experience that I'd do all over again in a heart beat. The place I really want to go though is Florida, not only for the Disney World Park that's there but for the Warner Bros Studio Park. As the biggest lifelong Harry Potter fanatic that has ever walked this earth I cannot tell you how much I need to visit and I have a feeling I would start sobbing as soon as I saw Hogwarts. I also would absolutely love to take my lil sis to Disneyland Paris. Like most kids, she's wanted to go since she exited the womb but she and my parents have never been able to go so it would be amazing to go back with them! I think I best get saving ey!?

Have you been to Disneyland as an adult?

Amy x

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  1. This post really hit me deep in the feelings as I'm a huge Disney fan (like on your HP loving level!) even though I'm 20 and if anything I've become more of a fan as a teenager/adult. I first went to Disney when I was 17 during a really tough part of my life and it really helped me, it's just the most special and happy place in the world and means so much to me <3

  2. It looks like you girls had an amazing time! I've been to Walt Disney World in Florida 5 times now, but never to it's Paris sister park, hopefully one day I'll be able to visit, as it looks wonderful x


  3. These photos are so, so stunning! Disneyland looks like such an amazing experience. x


  4. Go to admit even as an adult Disneyland looks magical.




  5. I am planning to go to Disneyland when I am in my early 20s, so I'm so happy to know that the magic doesn't wear off! :) x


  6. Ahhhhh I really want to go to Disneyland but as I'm more of a HP gal I always save up to go to Orlando instead haha but yeah, this is on my bucket list!

    Creepers & Cupcakes

  7. Looks like you had a great time! I really really really want to go! x


  8. I see more adults going to Disneyland nowadays, there's so much nostalgia to visit that you just HAVE to go! It looks amazing <3

    Love Vicki | victoriajanex.co.uk

  9. The last (and only) time I went to DLP was in y7, I'd love to go back an experience as an adult. I went to WDW in Florida a couple of years back and I think it's better to go as an adult cos you appreciate it so much more!


  10. I just went to Disneyland for my high school graduation and loved it!
    xx Alyssa

  11. I loved this post!!! You are never ever too old to go to Disneyland (I have been telling myself this because I still have not been!) One day I will go! glad you had such a nice time! xx


  12. I've been to Disneyland twice and on both occasions I think I was in around my early to mid 20s. I actually went over there with my dancing school to perform in the Fantasyland Theatre, which sadly I don't believe exists any more, and also perform in one of the parades. I do love it there but it is a bit of a strange one for me as I suffer from Masklophobia, which is a phobia of anybody dressed up in any kind of costume, particularly that covers their face, so the characters actually scare me! I had a fantastic time both times that I went. We'll just ignore the fact the first time I went I was bitten by a spider and by the time I went home three days later was struggling to walk because of the infection! x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

  13. I'm going to Paris at the end of August for my 21st - visiting Disney again is a absolute must!

  14. I'm going to Disneyland Paris next week! I've been four or five times before but haven't been in the past six years so I'm looking forward to seeing all the changes since I was last there. I've been to Walt Disney World every year for the past nineteen years, including working there for 15 months so I know (probably even better than most!) that Disney is definitely not just for kids!

    Emma / adventuresinfloral.co.uk

  15. Love this post! I completely agree with you, it's the most magical place on earth and it's for everyone! I'm going next week to celebrate my 22nd Birthday and went to Walt Disney World for my 21st! Can't wait! xo


  16. Love this post I'm trying to convince my husband to have a Disney day when we go to Paris next year

  17. We love Disney! I first got taken to Florida as a 4 year old and I love everything about it. My husband was a first timer when we went to DLP on our honeymoon with my 5 year old son, and we have been probably been 10 times since! We first took our littlies to Florida in 2013 and have booked to go next year. My little girl and I love it at the Princess meal at DLP, L'Auberge De Cendrillon. My daughter did the princess makeover at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique in Florida, it was amazing!


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