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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Gaining Confidence As A Fashion Blogger

"But don't you feel stupid standing there getting your photo taken?" is probably one of the questions I get asked the most from people who aren't bloggers themselves and I constantly see bloggers on Twitter say that they aren't confident enough to dip into fashion blogging. I've been fashion blogging for almost three years now (only two years gone January properly) and because I've been taking photos of myself from the beginning, my confidence has grown and standing in the street taking photos is now just something I do and it does not bother me in the slightest anymore. I thought I'd just share a few of the tips I found useful at the beginning, when I did feel stupid and I let people's stares and comments get to me but now, I couldn't care less! 


Firstly, I'll just say a little about the outfit I'm wearing because I love it. I'll admit, the top isn't something I'd usually go for and I have constantly expressed my hate for anything remotely "peplum" but this one has won my heart. Dizen Clothing is full of different brands like Vero Moda, where this top is from, and so every time I visit their site I'm introduced to new styles and brands I might otherwise have overlooked meaning it's such a great site to do some shopping on, especially if you're looking to expand your style! I love the vintage feel of this top and it looks bloody adorable doesn't it, especially when teamed with the super skinny jeans!

p.s. you can get 20% off Dizen with the code saltandchic20 

Obviously I'm also loving the rose gold tones in this outfit. The simply stunning jewellery is from Swedish brand Lily and Rose, a jewellery label that gives us beautiful jewels inspired by couture dresses, the Great Gatsby, Downton Abbey, vintage jewels and more. As you can see by the below photos, the design of the jewellery is simply stunning. They look so expensive and although they're subtle and quite simple, the intricate detailing and sparkling gems make them real eye catchers - they're certain to complete any outfit at all. 

When it first came to taking outfit photos, I'll admit that I was very embarrassed and felt a bit stupid. People do stare at you (in fact, people stare a lot) but as I took more and more photos, both Karl and I stopped caring what other people think and we will take photos literally anywhere now. We've had people knock on windows at us to tell us (angrily) to go away, we've had people shout "get ya rat out" from a car window (how lovely, ey?) and the other day, someone threw a biscuit at us out of a house window (yes, really.) We've accepted that some people are downright rude and it doesn't bother us anymore but what we've found is that most people are just curious. Most just want to know what we're doing and find it quite interesting so really the biscuit throwers are few and far between. I just try and remember that when people stare, you're never going to see those people ever again and if they know you and know about your blog, then they'll know what you're doing so there's no need to feel embarrassed!

You should start in quiet areas. At first, I started taking photos in a field close to my house and then it moved to the street outside Karl's house, then a little wood patch on the main road, until we finally felt confident enough to venture into the city and take them surrounded by people. I didn't want to throw myself straight into the deep end and go right in where there were loads of people so by working your way to busier and busier areas, it makes sure you don't feel too overwhelmed!

Finally, I think learning the angles you like and the type of photos you want is key. Karl now knows what I consider "my best side" (lol) and whether I'll like the lighting and the background of the photos or not so now I don't (often) tear myself to pieces when I'm editing. Karl and I work really well together with him being the photographer and that's another thing that makes the photos better. If you feel comfortable with the person who's taking your shots, whether it's a partner, a parent, a friend or a pro photographer, you're bound to feel less cringy when getting your pose on and therefore  your photos turn out better! 

It's all about practice in my opinion. Take the plunge, do your first few shoots and go from there. Start in quiet areas with no people, find your poses and get snapping! You'll soon feel more comfortable after getting those first embarrassing few out of the way!

Remember, you can get 20% off at Dizen using the code saltandchic20

Amy x

p.s. Today is the EU Referendum! Only half of young people are expected to vote so please get yourself out and have your say, no matter what your views! 

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  1. This was such a great post Amy! I'm still getting used to taking outfit photos in public because I suffer from anxiety, but these pointers really helped. I usually just take outfit photos in my back garden or on a reeeaaally quiet street but I definitely want to branch out more! x

  2. Love this! I'm one of those people who is too scared to pose for photos, I don't really have anyone who could take them for me and I feel a bit awkward asking my parents haha! You look lovely as well and i agree that top looks gorgeous on you!

    Thanks for the inspiration!
    Ella xx


  3. I can't believe someone actually threw a biscuit at you, that's crazy!! I usually find it's little kids that tend to stare and make comments but I just try and laugh it off! Fashion blogging isn't something I do too often but I definitely want to try and incorporate it more into my blog again, this outfit looks absolutely stunning on you - I adore the shoes! Lovely tips x

    Toni x

  4. Great tips, it is such a self conscious thing, I'm still trying to build up my confidence!


  5. I think these are really great tips - I think fashion blogging is definitely something that requires confidence but I think a 'fuck it' attitude and time is probably the best way to allow it grow! I love this outfit too, I love the rose gold tones xxx

    Sam // What I Know Now

  6. Love this post! <3

    I feel you totally haha, we are all the same at the beginnings! :D

  7. You look amazing! People shouldn't be nasty full stop.

    Imogen at www.wanderedsouls.com

  8. What a waste of biscuits! I still find it weird sometimes but I've gotten used to it more now, I have yet to build up to the city posing though!

    Hayley-Eszti | www.hayleyeszti.com

  9. I've started taking my outfits surrounded by strangers, it's nothing new or awkward anymore. I mean I do have the weird days where my introvert feels get the best of me but I still manage to fake it till the very end. Love your top.

  10. Your shoes are sort of to die for ;) Alex


  11. Love your outfit and this post is so relatable! Fashion posts are my favourite ones to do, but I find myself not being able to do them often because of my lack in confidence. At the moment I'm just using a tripod and taking pictures in my back garden. It's not a great background, but for someone who suffers with anxiety it has to do for now, but I'm definitely going to take your advice and work up to busier areas. Great post as usual xx

    |Georgia Megan|

  12. Oh my I can't believe someone through a biscuit at you! I would have thrown it right back! I share a similar story to you. My first blog images were taken outside my house - and on a lazy day they still are. I began to feel more confident taking pictures in a busy area however I am still super shy but my partner is a 'no nonsense' kinda photographer and he doesn't care which puts me at ease!

    Ps - loving the shoes! Great post x


  13. Love your outfit especially the top! Beautiful!


  14. I loved this post.
    It all makes sense to me as I only started blogging around 6 months ago and now I'm finding my confidence.
    Great post.


  15. I can totally relate to this post. People always stare at me when I am taking photos, and sometimes say things. I am still at the point where it irritates me but I have gotten much better.



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