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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The Perfect Body Care Duo

both c/o Nudi

I love a good pamper session at home. There's nothing quite like that feeling you get after you've scrubbed yourself in the bath and gotten rid of all of the stress from the days before and I've discovered the perfect new body care duo for helping you feel fresh. Nudi is a new brand that is dedicated to bringing us natural, cruelty free products that completely moisturise and replenish the skin and they sent over their coconut body scrub and body butter for me to try.

So for the past few weeks I've been using the Coconut and Sugar Body Scrub a few times a week whilst in the bath. I love body scrubs anyway but sometimes I feel like they don't really have enough scrub in them if you know what I mean? That's definitely not the case with this one. It's made of sugar, coconut and sea salts and because the ingredients are natural, you get a really gritty scrub that you can just feel getting rid of the nasties on your skin. It smells amazing and I've never used a body scrub as effective as this one before. You can sea on the photo just how much of a "scrub" this is with it's thick, grit-like texture and my legs are smooth as anything after using this!

After using the scrub, I've been applying the body butter. I honestly wish I could put a smell into this blog post because it is divine. It's one of those scents that just makes you want to sit and smell yourself for a while after you've put it on because it smells that good. Maybe that's weird but it smells so good that I'm okay with that tbh! Anyway, the consistency of this is so thick but not greasy at all so it absorbs into the skin straight away and it is good. I've even been using it as a kind of intensive overnight hand treatment for when my hands are a little bit in need of some TLC and it works wonders. It contains cocoa butter, shea butter and coconut oil (yep you can imagine how great it smells by the ingredients alone) so works well to get rid of the dryness in the skin. 

The entire range at Nudi is cruelty free and suitable for vegans so make sure you check their website out if you're looking for a new body care addition! The butter and the scrub are both available for pre-order and there are also some great face products available right now! 

Have you ever tried anything from Nudi?

Amy x

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  1. I love a body scrub. I love coconut. I need this coconut body scrub in my life!
    Laura x

  2. These look so nice!
    xx Alyssa

  3. I feel the same about most body scrubs! Haven't found one that does a decent exfoliation job as most of the sugar dissolves so quickly before I can do some real scrubbing. This one sounds and looks like the real deal though! =)

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