Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Summer Stripes

Until you try and blog, you will not realise just how important the weather is to your mood. Just imagine for a second - you've got an ace outfit planned, you're all ready for some amazing shots and you look banging but then you look outside and....it's gale force winds and the heavens have opened. Yup, it's a real mood killer! Isn't it so nice to finally be able to take some photos in the warmth? I can even take my jacket off without getting goosebumps! It's honestly ridiculous how excited I am for summer!


It's no secret that I'm obsessed with stripes and I like to get my hands on any variation of stripe that I possibly can. This top from Sugarhill Boutique is yet another different style that I've added into my wardrobe (seriously I think I have about thirty different style of stripes in my wardrobe now) and I think this is perfect for summer. The blocked style of it makes it a completely different take on stripes than the classic breton we're all accustomed to and it's a little bit smarter, making it perfect for those summer BBQs we're all craving. I've styled it casually but because it's a bit smarter, it could be styled for any summer occasion really easily thanks to the bright, retro colours. Such a summer wardrobe win! 

All of the jewellery I'm wearing was kindly sent over by jewellery brand Cherry Diva, a brand that started on market stalls and came to the internet in 2013. The brand stocks unique boho-themed jewellery that's just perfect for the coming summer months - I love the layering and the different jewels and metals they use for each piece! My favourite pieces have to be the rings. They're perfect for stacking and layering with pieces already in your jewellery collection to really make a unique look and really, that's what you want when you're putting holiday and festival outfits together.

The purse is another new addition of mine. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that my beloved Michael Kors purse was stolen on a trip to Amsterdam in January (*sobs*, it's still painful to think about) and since then I've had trouble finding a new purse that I've fallen in love with. I've gone through a couple since then and I think I might have finally found the one that's given me my purse love back and it is this beautiful lake blue purse from Joules. It's the exact style of purse that I love; it's sturdy, simple and has a zip all the way around with plenty of compartments inside with the famous Joules rabbit on the front. It's a real beauty and it feels so luxurious and looks so much more expensive than it is; coming in at £29.95, it's definitely worth a purchase! I'm definitely not letting this one out of my sight! 

Let's keep our fingers crossed that the weather stays bright and cheery - I have way to many summer purchases on the way for it to rain!

Amy x


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