Monday, 16 May 2016

Style On A Student Loan

This time of year can be tough for students. We're notoriously broke but we want to somehow fill our wardrobe with summer goodness so that we can lounge in the sun procrastinating...ahem, I mean revising. However, kitting yourself out for summer can be a little bit pricey, especially when we want to spend our loans on food to get us through the exam season. I mean, we need something to get us through those painful days when you're stuck inside revising and everyone else is enjoying the sun right?! Not to worry though - New Look has us covered and believe it or not, I got this whole outfit for less than £50 and that's without even using your student discount!

all c/o New Look

For me, when it comes to styling on a student loan budget, it's all about the wardrobe staples and that's why this dress was the first thing that caught my eye. The slip style is such a classic (and can be worn as going out dress too!) and frill detailing means that it's bang on trend for SS16. What's more, this little beauty will set you back a mere £12.99. Yep, you read that right! It's not often you'll get a LBD as stylish as this for that price, especially when it's a classic like this that you'll wear time and time again. 

Of course, knowing how unpredictable the British summer can be (did we even have the season last year?!) a super stylish jacket is essential. This silver sateen beauty is sassy, futuristic and is super easy to just throw on over the top of just about any everyday outfit. I love the way it hangs and creates a kind of unstructured look - some jackets like this are just a bit too "poofy" so this one is perfect for me. This comes in at £29.99, a fantastic price for such a beautiful jacket! Doesn't it look so much more expensive?

Finally, we have the ultimate summer accessory - the sunglasses. If you aren't blinded by the sun at least six times while driving to work is it really summer?! Anyway, sunglasses can be quite (read: very) expensive so it's nice to find a pair that isn't painful to buy and these gold trimmed babies are just the ticket. Like the jacket, they have a real luxurious feel to them and that's all thanks to the style and shape - don't sunglasses like this just add an element of chic to any outfit? These come in at £5.99, meaning this whole outfit totals up to just under £50. Amazing!

And because the outfit uses such staples, you can team it with any pairs of shoes that are currently in your wardrobe. I chose to pair it with these perspex ankle boots from Public Desire but could've equally chosen some summery sandals or a pair of Converse. It's just such a versatile look! 

New Look have just launched their all new Student Hub, a space dedicated to bringing us students amazing content from fashion to lifestyle to revision tips to music. Everything we need is on there - recipes, style inspo, blogger content. Literally everything. It's definitely one to add to your bookmarks!

Amy x

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