Thursday, 26 May 2016


Looking outside as I write this, you wouldn't think that just a few days ago it was gloriously sunny and I managed to get these outfit shots wearing a strappy dress, sun hat and *gasps* bare legs! Let's pray for the return of summer soon ey? Anyway, today's post features one of those outfits that is aaall about the accessories. I love simple outfits but I also like to make them my own and add different elements to them so although this one has a simple, plain black base, it's one of those looks that is completely transformed by the alternative accessories.



So there are three statement pieces that really turn this outfit into a bitta sumthin' sumthin': the hat, the necklace and the bag. Worn alone or together, these are three summer staples for me that I just know are going to come in very handy for both beach holidays and city breaks this summer! The hat is a little beauty from Becksondergaard, a brand I talked about a couple of posts back with my rose gold jumper and I love this hat just as much. I've always been a bit of a hat girl and chances are you'll have seen me rocking a fedora at some point but this one is a nice summery change for me. It's a bit more laid-back than the rest of my hat collection and the sand colour contrasts perfectly with the black base of the outfit - it's fab way to add a bit of summer chic! 

Another summer perfect piece is the simply stunning necklace from Wolf & Moon, a brand that I have fallen completely and utterly head over heels for in the past few weeks. The brand stocks beautifully intricate designs created by British designer Hannah Davis, taking inspiration from both city life and nature. As you can see in the first photo in this post, the detailing on the necklace is faultless and you can really tell that passion and care has gone into making the piece, making it a real show stopper for any outfit. Made from acrylic, wood and copper the necklace really encapsulates what Wolf & Moon is all about with a clear mix of materials from the natural to the man-made and as each piece is handmade, you can guarantee that you'll be getting the best quality. There are pieces on the website to suit every price range from the more affordable but equally as beautiful pieces to the real glory-stealers that you just have to treat yourself to. 

And finally, we're onto the third game-changing accessory; the shoulder bag. Now, as you can probably tell just by looking at it, this isn't just any old bag. This Mochila Bag is handcrafted by the women of the Wayuu Tribe in Guajira Columbia. That's right it isn't just a bag - it's hand-woven piece of art. Each bag takes the weaver around 3 weeks to make and as each design is the weaver's own, each one is special to that woman and means something different to her. These bags are available on Brand Fair, a new start up label committed to promoting ethical practices and bringing us fashion that we know has been created by those who are treated fairly. There are nowhere near enough of these brands around and it's the sad truth that people are exploited on a daily basis to bring us our clothes and so it's always a breath of fresh air when something like Brand Fair comes along. I absolutely love my bag and I'm over the moon to know it has been created lovingly by someone who is actually being valued for their work and to make that even better, the bag looks and feels amazing. The quality is, of course, out of this world and I know this entire outfit is coming with me to Barcelona in July! 

What are your favourite accessories? Have you ever made a conscious effort to buy ethically?

Amy x
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