Friday, 27 May 2016

Home Movie Night

Call me boring all you like but I'm definitely a "night in" kind of person. I love cosy weekends curled up in my onesie, cuppa tea in one hand and a slice of pizza in the other with Game of Thrones or Harry Potter on the TV. Bliss. So when HMV sent Karl and I a #HomeMovieNight goodie box to set us up for a perfect night in, we couldn't wait to get chilling! I love a good chill night and with my exams all falling this week, a night off from revision filled with good films, popcorn, treats and a bit of pampering was just the escape I needed!

Well as you can see, our Home Movie Night box had everything in we could want for creating our perfect night in, even for veteran "stay-er inn-ers" like us (that's definitely a real phrase right?!). First of all, we had the treats to get ready. All nights in need sugary, unhealthy treats so put down that avocado on toast and treat yo self! It's not a home movie night if you don't have popcorn and believe it or not, we'd never popped our own! We put it in the microwave and HMV even provided us with the vintage style popcorn bags so obviously our popcorn tasted better out of those - it's like how your cuppa tastes better out of the right shaped mug and coke tastes better out of a bottle right?? We also had M&Ms of course and even pushed the boat out to frozen berry daiquiri. Yum! And as you can see, popcorn can also constitute a bit of fun, especially when you have the camera out! 

Home Movie Night also requires a bit of pampering and HMV had us well covered for that. We lit the pink sweet pea candle (which smells divine by the way) and whacked on our charcoal face masks. Can you believe Karl was a face mask virgin before this? Yep, he'd never ever had a face mask on before which became very evident when he was asking questions like "why does my face feel funny?" "So what does it actually do to my skin?" "Amy itch in that crevice of my nose for me." 

And finally we have the star of the home movie night - the movie itself. HMV sent us a good old classic with The Breakfast Club but unbelievably, we'd never seen it before. Should I even be admitting that??? Classics like this are perfect for nights in. For films like this (and even though I've now only seen it once I know how much people love it!) you can never watch it too many times and each time you watch it is as good as the first. 

What does your perfect movie night involve?

Amy x

*This post is in collaboration with HMV
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