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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Game Changing Jewellery

My style is quite diverse and there isn't much fashion-wise that I will categorically say I don't like but one of my favourite styles and trends is minimalism. Isn't there just something about a super chic, clean outfit that makes you feel great? However, I still like to add a bit of personality or a bit of a twist to simple outfits and when it comes to doing just that, jewellery and accessories become essential.

Out of all of the jewellery that I own, rings are one of my most worn pieces. I love stacking them, wearing them as statement pieces or just having a few simple ones on - I think they're one of the most elegant pieces of jewellery you can own. One of my most worn rings of late has to be the above rose gold one from Lola and Grace. It's such a beautiful, eye-catching piece that just looks so luxurious that it really is a game-changer for any outfit. The ring itself is encrusted with Swarovski crystals so I feel like a million dollars when I wear it and that's what jewellery is all about for me - it's about adding a bit of something to your outfit, whether it's a boho vibe or something more high end.

Anyone who reads my outfit posts will know that I barely ever go without a watch on my wrist - I feel so naked without one! Watches are such a classic piece that I think we'd be hard pushed to find someone who doesn't own at least one and the beauty of them is that they never go out of style. I think that if you're going to splash out on one thing for your jewellery box, make it a watch. My Marc Jacobs watch has barely left my wrist since I got for my 21st birthday and it's in just as good condition and looks just as beautiful as the day I got it. All of these watches above are DKNY Watches and I'm absolutely in love with them. They look so high end and because they detailing on them is so well designed, these are sure to catch the eye of anyone who sees your outfit. My favourite is the silver one second from the left; I have a lot of gold watches but have yet to add a completely silver one to my collection so would love one like this to wear as an everyday watch to glam up my more simple outfits. If you haven't guessed by now I have a bit of a thing about rose gold (such a blogger cliche I know!) but I seriously love it and DKNY have so many rose gold and copper watches with some beautiful detailing and mixing of metals.

All of the DKNY watches above are available from Babla's Jewellers, a jewellers that sells a fantastic range of watches and jewellery, boasting brands such as Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Diesal, Sekonda and so many more! They have brands for all budgets so whether you're looking to splash the cash or buy a cheaper dupe, there'll be a watch there for you that will really up your outfit game.

Now, my next game changer is a little bit unorthodox but is a piece that will undoubtedly transform an outfit to reflect your style, personality or mood, regardless of whether it's for everyday wear or for a formal occasion. Yup, it's the headpiece. I don't know about anyone else but there's something so ethereal about headpieces; they completely transform the vibe of any outfit and can make the most casual or mundane feel like it's fit for a princess and Rosie Willet Designs has some of the most stunning head pieces I have ever seen. There are so many headpieces around, especially during the summer months, but have you ever seen anything quite as beautiful and as detailed as these pieces? I know I haven't. I don't have my own wedding quite in sight (read: I never really want to get married) but that does not mean that I can't have something like this in my accessories box. Whether you're a wedding guest, a bride or someone who just wants to feel like royalty, there's no reason why you can't wear a headpiece. Each piece is designed by Rosie herself, using only the highest quality materials such as Swarovski crystals and silk, meaning that these designs won't snap as soon as you get them actually on your head like many of mine have done in the past and they are truly classic pieces that will take you through any occasion. Don't they have a little bit of a Great Gatsby feel to them? I'd love to go to a party in an LBD with a simple nude make-up look and one of these woven into bed hair. My favourite piece has got to be from Blossoms collection which boasts pieces inspired by plants and vines, keeping it classic with a bohemian twist. Can you say perfect?

And finally we have this dainty, rose gold (I'm sorry I just love it) necklace from Wolf and Badger, a brand which I have come to love of late due to their commitment to the showcasing of talented jewellery designers. The pieces featured in their stores and online are all designed by different jewellery designers meaning that with each purchase you are supporting independent talents, a concept which I love. Not only do you get high quality jewellery but you know that each design is unique and created with care and passion. This Rose Gold Hamsa Necklace was created by Latelita London, a British brand which combines traditional Eastern influences with modern European jewellery, creating beautiful pieces like this one. As you can see, although the necklace is small and dainty it's still oh-so eye-catching and I know it's going to be one of my most worn necklaces this summer.

So there you have it - my game changing jewellery! What's yours?

Amy x

*sponsored post. all words and views remain my own.

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  1. those DKNY watches are beautiful!

    rachel // Style Soup

  2. The rose gold necklace is so lovely! So dainty and simple; gorgeous! xo

    Emily | emsalice.com

  3. Love those dkny watches lovely ! I need to get myself a classic watch!

  4. so cute

  5. stunning!!! and those photos are incredible

    This Girl Loves Chic xx

  6. Gorgeous...Those Jewelry Pics are So beautiful.But I really love Tanzanite beacause it's deep blue shade is so beautiful.

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