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Friday, 20 May 2016
County Durham, UK

Fun Ways To Print Your Photos

In this day and age, nearly all of our photos are digital. They're all kept online or in a folder on our laptops or in a Facebook photo album and it's very rare we have film cameras for everyday use. Anyone else remember the days when you had to send off the film to be developed after you'd wound all the way along on your camera and you'd wait a few days for the packet to come through your letterbox? Well in the dawn of the digital age, those times are well behind us. However, I still think there's something nice about having an actual photograph. I love how much brighter the colours are, how much clearer the photos seem to be, how there is an actual memory there on paper rather than on a computer screen. I've talked before about printing photos on this blog and making my scrapbooks so I'm always looking for new, fun ways to get them printed and Cheerz was just what I was looking for.

Cheerz is an online printing service that also has a super cool app you can download to your phone, allowing you to print photos directly from your laptop, phone, Instagram, Facebook and Dropbox so it really couldn't be easier. They have so many different styles of prints to choose from which is why it's so much fun - there's traditional Polaroid style, square prints, invitations and so many more classic style photos but I wanted something a little different so the first style of print I went for was the Love Strips.

So, as you can see the Love Strips put your photos into a traditional photo booth style print, complete with printed writing at the bottom - you hardly ever see anything like this anymore which is what makes Cheerz that much more special. For £6.50, you get five strips of four and I actually love these. I chose to dedicate each strip to a trip or holiday that Karl and I have been on - there's Rhodes, Paris, Rome, New York and Egypt, each with the name of the place and the date printed on the bottom. Aren't they just so flippin cute?! They're going to look amazing stuck in my travel journal that I've been filling up over the last few years and I'm going to get new sets of these each time I go travelling. Like I said above, there's just something about the crisp, sharp images you get on printed photos and they're even better when you can have them in love strips like this!

The second style I picked was the retro magnets. I've had my photos printed out retro style before but again, Cheerz takes it one step further and offers them fridge magnet style. For £15, you get 12 high quality vintage style magnets with photos and captions of your choice and don't they just look adorable? I love fridges that have the personality of the household on their doors and these magnets are just perfect for that. I got a mixture of photos, including everyone in our house from the pets to my parents to my sister and they look great messily spread across the door. What I love most about these though is how natural they look. Usually when I think of photo magnets, I think of the big bulky plastic casing over the top of them that completely spoils the quality of the photo but these are completely different. The photo is the magnet so these cute little things look like they've just been printed off my Instax.

Cheerz is certainly going to be my new go-to place to print my photos, especially when I want something a little bit different to the standard. Their prices are amazing, their service is fantastic and the quality of the photos is fab so I am honestly over the moon with how these turned out! Plus, the website is so easy to use which makes it even better!

How do you print your photos? Have you ever tried Cheerz before?

Amy x

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  1. Amazing ideas for photos! I love printing out mine and that's also why I have a Polaroid camera too. Definitely going to look into this!


  2. Aww i love these ideas, old school fridge magnets are the best! :)

    I have a new post up on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:

    * Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


  3. Cheerz sounds great! I've never heard of anything like this before and I have so many photos that I want to display so I'll definitely be using this app x


  4. I'll definitely be ordering a whole box of these when I move back to the UK, just to keep all my Paris photos in one place! Love <3 xx

  5. This is such a great Idea, definitely going to be ordering some of these to put up on my board at uni!

    Liv x

  6. Such a great recommendation thank you! I love printing out physical copies of my photographs and have made a scrapbook or photo album every year since my last year of school. I love flicking through them from time to time to feel a little nostalgic or even if I am feeling a bit down. Definitely going to check out Cheerz when I am looking to make my next one! Xo


  7. I often use polargram to print my instagram photos! I love having a physical copy to hand. It scares me that i've probably lost so many memories as they're all floating around on USBs and SD cards somewhere! I love the strips and how you've displayed them in your book, I'm keen to document my summer like this :) xx

  8. I have been looking for the best website for printing polaroid-like pictures for the longest time now. Thank you for recommending this! :) xo

  9. I really love this app I've recently discovered called touch note. It takes photos directly from your smart phone and then prints them as post cards to send to loved ones.
    I love sending them to my grand parents as updates on what's happening in our lives.


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