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Monday, 9 May 2016


Exciting news for all of you beauty lovers - Fenwick Beauty Week is currently on! Running from 7th May until the 15th May, Fenwick Beauty Week is a celebration of all things beauty and as I'm sure all of you already know, Fenwicks is home to some of the most beautiful beauty brands around and it promises to be good. All week Fenwicks is running masterclasses and demonstrations in their Newcastle store to help customers revive their regimes, whether it's through a new product or a new beauty technique. I went along to Fenwicks last week for the beginning of the event and as you can see from the above spread (silver macarons and elderflower presse though?!), Fenwicks know how to through a party!

When all of us bloggers had arrived and gotten stuck into some of the amazing food put on at Mason & Rye, we signed up to some of the beauty workshops and treatments with beauty brands available at Fenwicks. I love using this type of opportunity to learn about new brands so the first treatment I signed myself up for was a hand and arm massage with Jo Malone. I know, I know - I'm such a bad blogger for never trying Jo Malone before but after a visit to the counter at Fenwicks, I can just feel a purchase coming on. We were introduced to the idea of layering different scents to create your own unique scent completely catered to your own taste. Now, I love light, floral scents so after being introduced to the Nashi Blossom fragrance (which smells amazing), our Jo Malone beauty expert (I'm so sorry I can't remember her name - I literally forget names within seconds of hearing them!!) layered the scent with Wood Sage and Sea Salt for a perfume matched to my tastes and my god, did it smell good; every time I smelled one of the different Jo Malone perfumes I thought "that's definitely my fav...oh no I like this one better.....hmm now this one is my favourite!" After being matched with our scents we were treated to a super relaxing hand and arm massage and we left the counter feeling thoroughly pampered and we smelled amazing. That was my first trip to Jo Malone in Fenwicks and I can guarantee it won't be my last!

After Jo Malone, I headed over to the Clarins counter, another brand I'm new to. After asking about my skin type, issues and routine, our Clarins girl fixed me up with a mini facial treatment from the "Your Beauty Recipe" campaign, a menu of skin treatments aimed at mixing up your skincare a little to make it completely suitable to your skin. I went for the Deep Cleanse treatment which is aimed at completely cleansing the skin to get rid of any blemishes and nasties that may be hiding there. She used the exfoliating cream on my face followed by the Pure and Radiant Mask and I loved it. I felt like the treatment completely matched my skin and did exactly what I wanted it to do; I have rather oily skin so sometimes finding a treatment that doesn't dry it out too much is hard but I left the counter feeling radiant. Another blogger got her treatment on the back of her hand rather than her face and when she put her hands next to each other, it was easy to spot which one had been treated and which one hadn't. Amazing or what?!

Finally, I headed over to the Laura Mercier counter for my Flawless Face make over and yep, you guessed it - Laura Mercier was another brand I'd had no experience with. As I mentioned I have quite oily skin which means it's quite blemish prone, particularly around my mouth so I'm always wary about new foundations and the like, especially when considering how difficult I find it to match my ghost like skin to a shade! I needn't have worried - my make-up artists were brilliant and matched me to Creme Ivory shade in the Silk Creme Foundation and the base looked beautiful. They introduced me to a whole host of Laura Mercier products that I was completely ignorant to and I'm honestly so glad I picked this treatment. The Secret Camouflage concealer is now on my wishlist and I may or may not have already made a cheeky purchase of the Secret Brightening Powder....Oopsie! Seriously though my skin looked wonderful even though I did have a little breakout on my chin - the products get the balance between full coverage and a natural looking finish completely right!

The goodie bags were amazing and were jam-packed with goodies from Clarins, Jo Malone and even a full size lipstick from Chanel! This has definitely been a massively positive beauty week experience for me; I've been introduced to three completely new brands, each of which I loved, found out some new tips from Clarins about looking after my skin and the importance of exfoliation and came away with about a thousand additions to my ever-growing beauty wishlist. 

If you're a lover of beauty (and let's be honest, who isn't?!), head down to Fenwicks in Newcastle this week to check out what's going on! Fenwicks have also got an amazing offer on to celebrate beauty week - when you spend £75 or more in the beauty hall, you get an amazing beauty bag filled with goodies for free! So if you're planning on restocking some of that high end make up or trying something new, make sure you do it this week to take advantage of this! 

Amy x

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  1. Wow this beauty event looks so fun! I've been obsessed with make-up recently so this event looks right up my street!


  2. Your photos are beautiful! So sad we didn't get to chat at the event! x

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