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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

A Taste of Tokyo

When it comes to food, I'm the furthest from "picky" you could ever imagine and I will try literally anything and this was definitely a plus for me when I tried YO! Sushi for the first time last year. Sushi was always one of those things that I thought I wouldn't really like but when I actually tried it, I found that YO! Sushi was in fact right up my street and since then Karl and I have been back to the YO! at the Metro Centre many, many times (ummm Blue Mondays?! Yes please!) So when we heard that there was a YO! Sushi opening right in the heart of Newcastle, we couldn't wait to head along and give it a bit of a try so last week we headed to the opening #ThisIsTokyo event where we got the chance to try out the brand new 100 dish menu and as you can see, it all looked fantastic!

As we'd only been to the YO! Sushi bar in the Metro Centre, I couldn't wait to see what the inside of the new store was like and I wasn't disappointed. The place is huge with the sushi belt going all around the whole place and modern decor with little booths and a lovely round table right at the end. The decor takes inspiration from modern Tokyo, something which I absolutely love as I always like to feel like I'm experiencing the authentic culture as well as the food from another country. The belt was jam packed with sushi goodness (as you can see!) so we couldn't wait to get stuck in there and try some of the new dishes! 

The first dish we grabbed was one of the classic sushi dishes. I can't remember which one it was specifically (I'm so bad with the names!) but it had salmon, avocado and tuna (I think!) and it was delishhhh as usual! I also tried one of the new sushi dishes the Dynamite Roll; salmon, chilli oil, avocado and sriracha sauce, creating an amazingly hot and spicy roll that I loved. We also had some of our old favourites - the prawn katsu. I love prawns and every time I go to YO! I just cannot resist ordering these and I may or may not have had more than one dish.... 

Karl also found a new favourite dish with one of the new additions to the menu and he couldn't stop eating the Chicken Wings and he definitely wracked up a few empty plates from those! I tried the new Kimchi Squid (spicyyyyy!) and the Okimoniyaki which was kind of like a little omelette with veg and seasoning on. Of course, we managed to squeeze in some sweet dishes as well (although not at the end - we like to mix it up at YO! and have them in the middle!). Karl had his usual favourite with the Custard Dorayaki and I tried the Japanese Souffle Cheesecake which was literally melt-in-your-mouth amazing. We left feeling very full and our sushi cravings were well and truly satisfied. 

The new YO! Sushi is located on Grainger Street in Newcastle right by Grey's Monument - you just can't miss it! Even if you think "ew sushi" when you think of cold sushi dishes you should still definitely try out the dishes at YO! as they have such a wide variety of food, especially with their new 100 dish menu. You can order gyoza, rice, teriyaki, curries and so much more so even if you don't like the traditional idea of sushi there will still be something for you!

Have you ever tried YO! Sushi?

Amy x

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  1. looks so nice!


  2. I absolutely love YoSushi, me and my friends seem to go every couple of weeks as we love it so much! x


  3. I absolutely LOVE Yo! Sushi! There isn't one in my city so it's always nice to have it as a treat when I visit Manchester or Leeds! Can't wait to try the new menu- looks so delicious!

    Claudia xx

  4. I'm not a massive fan of sushi I have to admit, but these pictures make it look a lot more appealing! :D x


  5. Love me some Japanese food! We also have a YO! Sushi here in Manchester too. It's really good! You should try Wasabi and Wagamama too :) x


  6. I've never tried sushi before but your pictures of it make it look delicious! x


  7. I don't like sushi, but I do loooove Japanese food. x



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