Sunday, 3 April 2016

Things People Who Don't Drink Are Tired Of Hearing

Last year, I talked about why I don't drink. It's still something that a lot of people are shocked to hear and I'm usually met with a bemused "do you not?!" when I tell people despite the fact I've never been drunk in about three years. Since talking about not drinking on Twitter and writing my post about it, I've realised I'm certainly not alone in this and a lot more people than I personally expected have also said they don't drink either so I'm sure a lot of people will be able to relate to this post! There are certain things that us t-total-ers hear a lot of, sometimes to the point where we can predict what people will say so I've put together a few things that I've heard the most of. 

"You don't drink? all??"
Contrary to popular belief it is possible to live your life without alcohol. I think it's so strange that people assume that you do drink rather than don't, almost like it's a social norm that you're expected to do and if you don't, it's weird.

"Well, what do you do on a weekend then?" 
Again, there are other things to do aside from drink alcohol. I work on a weekend, I go to the cinema, I even *gasp* stay at home and don't do anything at all on a weekend. I know, crazy right?!

The assumption that you've never been drunk.
I may not drink now but I did used to drink when I was younger. Y'know back in the day all of those years ago, when I was the ripe old age of 17. Yes, I've been drunk. Yes, I've been very drunk and yes, I've been more drunk than I should have. I know what it's like to be drunk and I don't like it, which is one of the reasons why I decided to stop drinking anyway.

The pressure people put on you to drink.
Luckily for me, everyone now knows I don't drink but I'm no stranger to the "let's get the lightweight drunk" attitude. When you order a soft drink at the bar and everyone around you starts the "come on, live a little!" or "seriously though, what do you want to drink?" or "don't be so boring!" This attitude completely baffles me - I'm sure I'd start annoying people if I tried to force my orange and passion fruit J2Os on those ordering vodka at the bar. Plus, looking "cool" or "fun" in front of people is not really my priority in life.

"Oh you don't drink? You can drive us there then!" 
No, no and no. Being sober doesn't make me everyone else's taxi and I'm certainly not willing to drive to and from places three times just so people don't have to fork out on a taxi. Drinking coke instead of lager does not mean I want to chance getting sick or garlic sauce all over my car seats thank you very much.

*sees me with alcoholic drink in my hand* 
*shouts loudly* "EEEEE look at you drinking!!!"
On the rare occasions I do decide to have one or two drinks (those occasions are very rare), I can guarantee someone will look at me with a sarcy look on their face and say "what are you doing with a glass of wine?!" or "careful, you'll be drunk off that!!" I get it. You can drink more than me. YAY.

"So how come you're not drinking then?"
No, I'm not pregnant. No, I'm not ill. No, I'm not hungover. No, I'm not religious.

I don't judge anyone for drinking so I would really appreciate it if people didn't judge me for choosing not to. Someone once told me on Twitter that I "wasn't doing university right" because I was going out and getting drunk every night. That's Twitter logic for ya.

Getting dizzy after one sip of Prosescco
The other day at a VIP evening at a restaurant I had one shot of tequila. My first ever shot of tequila. I'm not going to lie; it went straight to my head - I don't drink at all and then decide to have a shot of tequila?? Great one Amy. If you don't drink you'll be all too familiar with this. Not one drink passes your lips for over a year and you decide "oh I'll just have a sip..." then BOOM your head is spinning and your thinking "hmmm maybe not."

Hope this gave you a good laugh if you don't drink and taught you a few things of what not to say to a non-drinker if you do!

Amy x
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