Sunday, 17 April 2016

The Reason I Travel

There's no doubt about it - everyone loves a holiday. Whether you spend half of your life sitting on an aeroplane or you go on a family holiday once every couple of years, I've never come across anyone who doesn't love a bit of time away. However, everyone has different reasons for travelling; some people like to escape from reality, some are adrenaline junkies, some like two weeks dedicated to family. Everyone has their own reasons and personally, I love to travel because I want to see and experience as many different things as possible while I can.

My mum goes on holiday purely to lie in the sun. She and my dad will go down to the pool in their hotel after breakfast and not leave until 6pm that night, usually only leaving the hotel for a stroll to the beach or some food. I know that's the case for so many people - holidays are simply a way to relax, to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, to leave the stress at home and soak up the sun. However, that type of holiday just isn't for me.

Don't get me wrong, I do like to lie by the pool and read my book, lapping up the heat that is oh-so rare in the UK. I like to go for a dip in the pool and I do like to relax but after a couple of hours of this I get restless - I like to travel because I want to experience things that I wouldn't be able to at home. The holidays Karl and I go on tend to be jam-packed full of excursions, plans and adventures and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Over the years, I've been to and seen some amazing landmarks. We saw The Great Pyramid of Giza, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, we've been scuba-diving on a coral reef, we've visited World Heritage Sights such as the Medieval City of Rhodes and have walked through history in the Cairo Museum, Anne Frank's House, the Colosseum and the 9/11 Museum. I've swam in waterfalls, strolled through National Parks, spent days wandering around cities, from the ancient to the modern and have probably spent thousands of pounds along the way. However, for me, all of this is worth it. 

Along the way, I've experienced so many different cultures and religions, something I would never have been able to do without travelling. Last year, Karl and I sat in the desert and ate dinner with the Bedouin people, learning about Muslim culture and the Bedouin lifestyle and that was one of the most interesting experiences of my life. I think it's easy to forget that the way we live isn't the only way and actually going out and actively seeing other cultures is an amazing way to learn to appreciate the cultural differences between countries. 

I've been filling in my travel journal for quite a while now and I've got some amazing experiences written down in there. I can only hope that I fulfil my dream of seeing more historical landmarks, experiencing more cultures and seeing the beautiful sights the world has to offer. 

Whether you travel for experiences, travel for relaxation or travel to get drunk and have a great time with friends, there's no doubt that our travels enrich our lives in a way that nothing else can. It gives us memories that we could never have created otherwise, opens our eyes to how amazing the world truly is and gives us more than something materialistic ever could.

What are the reasons you like to travel?

Amy x
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