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Monday, 25 April 2016

#StudentBreakSquad: UNiDAYS Unboxing And Competition!

So it's the start of the last term of the student year, exams are looming, dissertations are due, people are feeling the pressure....However, it's not all doom and gloom - it's student loan time and there's no better time of the year for us to treat ourselves, especially with all of the fantastic exclusive discounts UNiDAYS has to offer us. I'm sure that, if you are already a student, you'll know how much of a holy grail UNiDAYS is for us, offering us discounts on some of our favourite brands, including GHD, Cambridge Satchel Co and so many more. They sent over a Student Break box full of goodies and as you can imagine, my little hands couldn't wait to rip open the package!

So the first thing I opened was this stunning pair of GHD Marine Allure Stylers. This was something I was over the moon about, especially considering my current pair of rose gold GHDs were chewed by my naughty puppy Harry. Yep, I walked into my bedroom to find the wire completely in half and I've never been so devastated in my whole life. These new babies came at exactly the right time and aren't they just beautiful? The Allure Stylers are inspired by the Azores Islands and with the iridescent blues, the stylers reflect that beautifully. I've only used these a couple of times so far to straighten my hair but they glide through beautifully and once I've had a go at curling my hair and creating some beachy looks with them, a full review will be coming soon so watch this space!

Next up, we have this personalised Cambridge Satchel Company leather pouch. I mean, how adorable is that?! I've wanted to order from the Cambridge Satchel Co for so long so I'm so glad I've finally got to add one of their highly sought after bags to my collection. The great thing about these pouches is how versatile they are. I don't know about anyone else but inside my bag can end up an absolute disgrace with random bits of things floating all over the place, so I've been using this as a little "essentials" bag for inside my bigger bag. I put my phone, my lippy, hand cream and anything else I might want during the day inside and it keeps my bag tidy, whilst also looking ridiculously stylish. This is going to make a fantastic addition to my spring wardrobe, especially when it comes to carting my massive bag to uni! 

Next up, we have this adorable little package full of goodies, a lot of which I didn't even know were on UNiDAYS! Look Fantastic were kind enough to include the Gatineau Eye Make-Up Remover, a product made with cucumber, green tea and aloe vera to soothe the eyes when removing your make up. I've only used this a couple of times up to now and let me tell you it leaves your eyes feeling so fresh. I suffer from quite raw eyes (I hope you know what I mean by that!) and this has been much gentler and kinder on my eyes so far. The little bee bracelet is from Boutique Goldsmith, another brand I didn't know was on UNiDAYS and oh my, can you say adorable?! The bee symbolises team work and a close-knit unit, something which is essential in the blogging community and I love little bits like this that really mean something. Not only do they make great gifts for friends and family but they can even help inspire you on your tough days. Plus, with the arrival of April, the bee is a great little way to add a bit of spring to your outfit!

I am obsessed with the Ohh Deer Notebook and Coaster included here too - the coaster looks right at home on my bedside cabinet (always with a cuppa on it of course) and the notebook are an essential for us students, particularly coming up to exam time. I'm a sucker for cute stationary and Ohh Deer have the cutest and most stylish university and school essentials - just look at the geometric patterns on those note books! I'll be writing revisions notes for my three exams in each of these and they're the perfect size for slipping into your bag for when you don't know when the urge to revise might hit you.

The March Birchbox was the next thing I opened. As someone who's only just started trying out the monthly beauty boxes, I was intrigued to see what was in the Birchbox, a brand I've heard only great things about. The March box included a whole load of amazing brands including ARROW, ModelCo and, the blogger favourite, This Works. I couldn't wait to try the Sleep Plus Pillow Spray and I was not disappointed. I absolutely love lavender (hotties are literally my favourite thing) but, as summer approaches, it's a little bit warm for my microwavable pug so the sleep spray has come in so handy. It smells divine and I really does relax you and help you fall asleep - it's a winner in my eyes! Plus, I didn't know you can get a huge 25% off your first BirchBox with UNiDAYS - definitely a discount worth looking up. 

The next thing I opened was the Buyagift Live it Up in London Smartbox. I love anything like this because I think things like this are an amazing alternative to the traditional gift you buy people, especially when they come in the form of the Smartbox, meaning the receiver can choose their own experience and there's no chance of them not liking it. I'm definitely going to be using this as an excuse for a trip to London later in the year and although I haven't booked anything yet, I've been flicking through the pages of the brochure and a few have caught my eye. I really want to bungee jump from Tower Bridge but Karl was more interested in going for afternoon tea at the Playboy Club. I wonder why that is....

And last. but certainly not least, we have this simply beautiful rose gold phone case from Case Mate. Is that not just the blogger's paradise right there in a phone case? I've just got a new phone and sadly it's an iPhone SE so this one won't fit but I'm definitely going to be ordering one for myself of Case Mate using the whopping 30% UNiDAYS student discount! I gave this one to my friend who has the gold iPhone 6 and let me tell you it looked blooming amazing.

All of these are definitely going to see me through the last term of university and I've discovered some brands that I didn't know we were lucky enough to get student discount from. But now onto the exciting part for you guys....

UNiDAYS are giving my readers the chance to win one of these amazing Student Break boxes! All you have to do is sign up to UNIDAYS here and use your UNiDAYS discount to be entered! It's as simple as that.

Good luck to everyone entering! What's your favourite part of my Student Break Squad box?

Amy x


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  1. I've been seeing these loads lately on YouTube, love what you've got in yours! Those straighteners are the most gorgeous colour also I'm obsessed with Oh Deer too, such a cute site. This is such a fab gift, so generous! Xx

  2. This has to be the best box I've seen so far, what amazing contend I especially love the Cambrifge Satchel pouch so cut with the personalisation!


  3. dude love that Cambridge Satchel pouch! And that ~azure~ straighteners?! Mermaid vibes, my friend... I'm so sad my Unidays account expire in July sometime because I'm no longer a student so I've been frantically using it whenever I can when I'm out / if I do end up buying anything ha!

    Cherie | sinonym

  4. I've heard a lot about UNiDAYS and I find it so interesting, to be honest! What an awesome box you got, can I have that straightener pleeeease?

    xx Bash |   go say   H E Y   B A S H

  5. These GHDs look amazing and they're such a beautiful colour! x


  6. There are so many incredible products in here!


  7. Ahhh I love this! Wish they had something like this in the US. So cool.
    xx Alyssa

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