Monday, 18 April 2016

Spring In My Step


So last month, I featured Petit Bateau's Classic Breton Stripe and I mentioned that I was dying to get my hands on their beautiful yellow raincoat. Well look what arrived last week *insert heart eye emojis*. I've barely had this beauty off my back since it came into my life and it's just the dream coat for dealing with the April spring showers. Teamed with Dotty and Tink's beautiful spring jewels, this outfit becomes perfect for adding a little bit of spring into your step.

Sooo let's talk about that Petit Bateau coat. Is there anything not to love about it? It's a bright, sunshine yellow, perfect for brightening up your mood when the weather just doesn't cut it and with it being a waterproof raincoat, you can go on as many Spring walks through the woods as you like without the worry of getting caught in the rain. Of course, it's no secret that I love stripes so the striped lining in this jacket just makes me even more in love with it. Team with the striped top for a double whammy of nautical goodness and the complimentary blue jeans, this is the very epitome of fisherman chic. Can you imagine me strolling along the beach on a windy day with an ice cream in my hand? Yep, I can too!

The countryside vibes that the coat gives off make it perfect for a festival. I'm hopefully heading off to a festival in July (watch this space!) so the yellow beauty will definitely be coming with me. Stylish, eye-catching and practical? Ummm, yes!

Now, it's onto the jewellery. All of the beautiful pieces you can see here are from Dotty and Tink, a brand which was formed by a group of friends who loved to create jewellery. I know right, how adorable is that?! They're my favourite kind of brands for jewellery. You know the ones that you just know have passionate creatives behind each piece? Anyway, as you can see, the pieces here fit right in with the spring theme of the outfit. I'm wearing one of the crystal quartz pendants, a style of necklace I've always had a soft spot for. The colours in the two necklaces you can see reflect the spring palette, with dusty pinks and deep amethysts and this style of necklace are so easy to style too, which is why they're one of my favourite styles.

The other two necklaces reflect spring in their style. They're created with an intricate leaf design and I just love the fact that the two leaves are linked together. I've never seen anything like it before and it's a really cute, simple way of making the necklace that little bit different from your standard pendant.

Dotty and Tink have some amazing new arrivals on their site so if you're looking for that special piece of jewellery to take you right through spring, be sure to check them out!

Amy x
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