Friday, 22 April 2016

Putting Fun Back Into Fashion

There are those things in life that are thought of as predominantly "kids things." What do you mean you're in your twenties and you still re-read Harry Potter at least a few times a year? You just can't like playing Pokemon at the age of 22 - it's for kids! But why are you going to Disneyland with no kids?! For me, all of these things are not just for kids and in fact, I'm extremely obsessed with each of them. Jess and I are going back to Disneyland Paris in June after my exams and thanks to WE ARE COW, I'm getting back on the Disney train in true vintage style.

I've only been to Disneyland once before and that was almost three years ago now. Karl and I went during a trip to Paris and although we had an amazing time, he isn't a fan of the big rides like I am (especially judging by his face on the Hollywood Tower of Terror!) so I cannot wait to go back and get myself on some of those rollercoasters! Also, booking Disneyland got me thinking - why don't I have any super cute Disney themed clothes in my wardrobe? That's where WE ARE COW comes in. Their amazing vintage collection has an absolute abundance of Disney themed clothing so whether you have a trip to Disneyland booked or not, your childhood cravings can still be satisfied in vintage wardrobe goodness.

I think sometimes we take fashion a little bit too seriously. We focus too much on how chic we look, how expensive our bag is, whether the bottom of our shoes is lacquered red.  Fashion is supposed to be fun. It's supposed to reflect our personalities, our feelings and our loves. It's not supposed to make us feel inadequate because we don't have the latest designer release or that pair of shoes everyone is blogging. That's why I love vintage fashion stores like WE ARE COW. They bring the personality back to fashion. They aren't dictated by trends or what we "should" be wearing at the moment. They're dedicated to making us feel great, letting our personalities shine through and bringing some history back into an outfit. Walking around Disneyland in a vintage 1990s Mickey Mouse tee? Uh yes please!

What do you think about vintage fashion?

Amy x

*this post is in collaboration with WE ARE COW. All words and opinions remain my own
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