Saturday, 5 March 2016

Why Blogging Is Something To Be Proud Of


I started my blog two and a half years ago in June 2013 and it's something I've always been proud of. I've always been extremely open about my blog and have always told everyone I know, and people I don't know, about it and it never even crossed my mind to keep it secret. I'm not someone who gets embarrassed easily (I fall over in public way to much for that) so even though I know without a shadow of a doubt that people from school who have never liked me or those who don't really "get" blogging will have ripped me to shreds, it's never once made me want to keep my blog a secret. However since I started joining in blogger Twitter chats about a year after I created my blog, I realised this wasn't the case for everyone. A lot of people have commended me on my bravery and confidence on sharing my blog with friends and family, with many people saying they just feel too embarrassed about their blog to talk about it and I can totally see why people might feel this way. So whether you want to keep your blog secret, whether you shout from the rooftops about it or whether you're working up the courage to tell people about it, I wanted to tell you a few reasons why you should be proud of your blog.

First of all blogging is hard work. All too often, I see people dismiss blogging as "not a real job" or "stupid" when in fact it is anything but. Whether you're a full time blogger or whether you do it as a hobby, blogging takes a hell of a lot of commitment and there have been many, many people who have started a blog thinking it's going to be easy. Keeping up a blog requires dedication, hard work and a lot of thought so if you keep up your own blog, you must have a lot of high value personal qualities that everyone should be proud of.

Secondly, your blog is yours.  It's very existence is down to you and no matter how many followers you have or how many views you get, you can be proud that everything on it comes from your own creativity. The words, the blog name, the photos, the layout, the's all down to you. It sounds cliche, but it's your own space on the internet that no one can take credit for except you. 

You are an inspiration to somebody. Whether you have ten thousand readers or ten, you will have inspired somebody to do something, whether that's to start their own blog or to start exercising or to take an interest in something they never have before. I always think it's the best compliment when people tell me that my blog is one of their favourites or that I've inspired them to start their own - it's such a great thing to have done for someone! 

Anyway I guess what I'm trying to say is do not be ashamed of your blog. There are so many reasons to be proud of it and these are just three of them so whether you share your blog with the world or keep it for yourself, be 100% proud of your hard work.

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Amy x
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