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Sunday, 20 March 2016

Ways Bloggers Can Support Each Other

I'm sure most people will agree that one of the best things about blogging is being part of an amazing community. Blogging has allowed us all to meet so many different people from around the country and even around the world, all of whom we have similar interests to and for that it's amazing. However, there has been so much negativity in the community over the past few months. My Twitter feed has been clogged with people arguing over things that don't really matter, with people slating successful bloggers, with people bringing each other down. There are literally thousands of bloggers in the blogosphere now and we're not all going to get along and we're not all going to like each other. That's just life! I feel that as bloggers we should be trying to support each other more than we have been recently so I've put together a few little things that I think would help inject some more positivty into the community.

Accept you aren't going to get along with everyone.
Like I've just mentioned above, with thousands of people in the blogosphere and thousands more probably on their way, chances are you're going to come across someone you're going to disagree with or even dislike. Blog about political things and want to challenge someone's opinion? Fine. Want to make your view points known on social media? That's fine too. It's also fine if you don't want to debate with someone about an issue or don't want your opinions to be known! But what isn't fine is insulting someone personally or completely hounding them with tweets telling them how wrong they are. Accept that sometimes, people just don't agree and get on with your own stuff.

Make an effort to engage with other bloggers.
This is especially relevant with the talk of Instagram and Twitter introducing algorithmic feeds, something which I whole-heartedly disagree with as I think algorithms are simply a way for the social media fat cats to make another buck from people desperate to have their posts seen. However, that's another issue. What I'm talking about is bloggers making an effort to like each other's photos, comment on each other's posts and really engage with the blogs they love. We all know how nice it is to feel like our posts and efforts are being appreciated so if we all made an effort to actually tell people when we think they've done a great job, the community would become a much nicer place!

Accept that people get paid for blogging and that for some people it's their job.
There is such a negative attitude surrounding sponsored posts recently and I struggle to understand why. There's been way too much talk of people blogging for "the wrong reasons" or having "too many ads." For a lot of bloggers, money comes from their blog. Full-time bloggers and "big" bloggers have bills to pay just like the rest of us and how are they possibly going to carry on creating great content with no money at all coming in? I've seen so many people complaining that they don't feel sponsored posts are genuine and they are completely wrong. Sure there are those who will blog about anything for a bit of cash but mostly, bloggers will only ever feature something if they love it and feel passionate about it anyway and the truth is, I'd bet anything that most people complaining about ads would snap the hands off the PRs offering to pay them to feature their favourite brands!

Stop the bitterness.
Jealousy is natural. Bitterness is not. I'll be the first to admit I'm totally envious of some other bloggers. Getting paid to do what you love? Give me that life any day of the week. However, I envy them but instead of feeling bitter towards them, I let them inspire me. These people show that it is possible to achieve your dreams if you work for it and there's absolutely no need to hate on them because they're living the dream. 

Make the effort.
Help people reach that milestone they're after. Click on an affiliate link when you're buying something (it doesn't cost you any more and you might just be helping someone pay their rent!). Use that blog discount code if you're making a purchase anyway. Enter that giveaway. Actively trying to help people is a great way not only to help them, but to help you. Don't you just feel better knowing you might have just made someone's day or helped them pay a bill? You never know - people might start doing this for you too.

Don't be a dick.
Finally, I think this could apply to life in general. Don't be a dick. Be a nice person. Don't like a blog? Fine. Move on to the next one. Don't like a video? Fine. Move on to the next one. You don't have to tell someone if you think their make up looks crap or if you think their writing style is boring. Put the energy used to criticise into praising the blogs you do love. Like I keep saying, you're not going to like everyone's blog but you don't need to shout about it. Just. Be. Nice.

What do you do to support other bloggers?

Amy x

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  1. I couldn't agree more with this post! I really don't understand the negativity towards sponsored content, if it helps bloggers continue to create amazing content then why not? Some of it is also really creative! The only thing I take issue with is when it is quite obvious a blogger has been paid to write about a product but doesn't disclose it, it makes me super apprehensive about the rest of their content.

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

  2. The beauty of blogging comes from our diversity and ability to be different; it's a shame that's becoming a struggle, but I'm so pleased someone has stood up and said something about it. Couldn't agree more Amy, thank you for writing this!x


  3. I really love this post, especially the point about engaging with each other - my main resolution for 2016 was to leave more comments on blogs and instagram and reply to people's tweets and it's been making me so happy :)
    Love Holly x


  4. You've the nail on the head here! Everything you've mentioned I agree with. Honestly annoys me so much when I see people having a go at someone day in day out. You can disagree, but just leave it alone and accept that everyone has different views. That's life and what makes things interesting. Great post xx

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.blogspot.co.uk

  5. When I was reading this I was like yaaaaas but then I got to the 'Make the effort' section and I was like YAAAS. I always think this about affiliate links and discount codes! If you could not only save money but help somebody else make money and pay their bills, why wouldn't you? I think for a lot of smaller bloggers people think because we get sent stuff for review we must be super rich, but I've been in my student overdraft for quite some time now *cries*.


  6. Totally agree, we should all be positive, engage and pick each other up!

    Hannah | Oh January

  7. what a great, straight-talking post. Dara xoxo

  8. This post brings up so many relevant points! It was a great read! (gees that makes it sound like a book ;), but you know what I mean)

    Katie | katieemmabeauty.com

  9. Yes, yes, yes! It's a shame that some people still need this pointing out though! x

    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

  10. Loving the post, stealing this topic from you! <3


  11. Amy you've done such a fantastic job on this post - I honestly cannot stand all the night itt surrounding topics such as sponsored posts/debates - it is just so much easier to support each other. I love the blogging community and support every single blogger out there.. I completely agree with the point about supporting each other - I love reading as many blogs as possible and supporting others!! Great read beautiful!!


  12. I enjoyed reading this. I personally haven't witness any blogging drama, thank god. But if I did I would definitely stay well clear. We should all be supporting and helping on another right?! Great post and tips xxx


  13. I've got to be honest. I haven't seen the negativity that everybody else seems to be talking about, but these are great points in general! A lot of truth here x

    Martha Jane | www.marthajanemusic.com

  14. This is such a great post Amy, it's full of the truth! There is so much unnecessary bitterness in the blogging world, it's so disheartening!

    Katy / Katy Belle

  15. I agree with all of your points in this post! Especially the last one. Some people just take the opportunity to be an asshole when it's definitely not need. :/ I see that a lot on youtube. xx

    Autumn | A Fabulous Hippie


    x, Carina

  17. This is so important! I think when you support one another you grow at the same time. Preach gurrl! x

  18. I've really been enjoying these types of posts by you lately! They definitely have inspired me to be more open with my content and try new ways! I have a post coming out soon talking about the reasons I started blogging, and it was inspired by you!

    Great work! Can't wait to see more of these posts! :)


  19. I love how frank you are, because everything you said is true! I really enjoy these kinds of post and reminding people to not be a dick is something that needs doing in all aspects of life. haha
    Amanda :)

  20. I hate these algorithmic feeds. Especially Instagram. I like seeing things as they're posted. Fight the system.
    I loved this post. I feel there are a lot problems in the community at the moment, it's not as open as it was a few years ago. And a whole load of things that I won't get in to. But I agree, we need to show each other more support. Even if it's just in little ways.
    Maybe the good days will return.


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