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Sunday, 6 March 2016

The Boots of Dreams


Last week I talked about my high end wishlist and spoke about how I don't have that many designer labels in my wardrobe, bar a couple of bags and my AllSaints leather jacket. Like so many others, I could spend literally hours drooling over the countless designer bags, shoes, dresses and everything else that the high end luxury labels put out there and thanks to Farfetch, online shopping for that perfect luxury item your wardrobe is in dire need of has become so much easier. 

Farfetch is a single website made up of more than 400 luxury hand-picked boutiques, each of which offers a different kind of high end brand. The boutiques are located literally all over the world but thanks to Farfetch, there's no need to trail through 400 different websites looking for that perfect piece; they're all there in easy, simple categories on a single website, making the whole shopping experience so much smoother when you're looking for that perfect piece to add a luxurious feel to your wardrobe. 

The thing I loved about shopping on Farfetch was the variety of pieces available teamed with the simplicity of the website. Although the products are all from different shops, shopping on the website is just as easy as shopping on any other website but with an added luxury feel.  You can shop by product, brand or boutique and apply filters to get exactly what you want and if, like me, you're perhaps not too experienced with high-end shopping, Farfetch makes it that little bit more straightforward, introducing you to brands and designers that you may not have come across otherwise, something which is illustrated perfectly by my boots of dreams.

These absolutely stunning boots are by Laurence Dacade, a designer I'd never come across before shopping on Farfetch, but one that I know is now going to be one of my favourites. Everyone knows how much I love a good pair of ankle boots but for a few months now I'd wanted some that were between the ankle and the knee but I'd never seen a pair I'd fallen in love with....until now. These boots caught my eye immediately and I knew they had to be mine. The colour, the buckles, the detailing, the heel...everything about them is absolutely perfect for me and although I did have trouble deciding between this pair and the navy pair, I'm so glad I went for the nude. Nude is such a luxurious colour for footwear and these beauties made me feel a million dollars as soon as I put them on my feet. They have definitely filled the designer shoe shaped hole that had been in my wardrobe!

Now, the other great thing about Farfetch is that not only can you discover new designers, but you can also look for and filter your old favourites. Michael Kors has always been one of my favourite brands and all of my high-end bags are MK and, like I mentioned in my high-end wishlist post, a black Selma bag was right at the top of my "to get" list. This little cutie was exactly what I needed. It came to NY with me and was the perfect size for keeping my essentials in (watch out for an outfit post coming soon!) and although it is the smallest bag I own, it doesn't make any less of an impact to the outfit. 

Overall I am completely in love with my new high-end pieces. I just want to put the boots on a pedestal in my room and stare at them with emoji heart eyes. What are your favourite designer pieces? Has Farfetch introduced you to anybody new yet?

Amy x

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  1. Seriously love your boot collection! x


  2. I know this post is supposed to focus on the boots... but I can't get over how beautiful the MK bag is, and your hair!! Selma is such a perfect every day size, I need!!!
    Debi x

  3. Love the all-black outfit with the nude shoes - those boots are so dreamy!

    Robyn / Phases Of Robyn

  4. I totally never know how to style high ankle boots but after seeing this I feel like I can totally nail it. You look absolutely amazing xxx

  5. Those boots are gorgeous!


  6. You look stunning! Those boots though xx

  7. They are such gorgeous boots! X


  8. Fabulous post Amy! Love the Michael Kors bag and the nude boots. Great choices!


  9. Definitely a great outfit! Loving the boots. Also your leather jacket looks amazing.



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