Saturday, 27 February 2016

Ways to Wear: Dungarees

I have a weakness for dungarees and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I don't care if they make me look like a two year old because they're adorable and really, anyone can pull them off. Quite a few people tend to be a bit frightened of dungarees but there's really no need. They're versatile, adorable and can be styled up in so many different ways. I personally love the classic stripes and dungarees combo - it's such a great way to embody a bit of the 90s in your outfit without going too out there. I've put together a couple of outfits below to show you the different ways dungarees can be styled! 


I think a pair of dungarees is definitely a staple piece and they can be styled up in so many different ways. The pair featured here are from Rokit and are the perfect vintage pair to add into your wardrobe that can be worn all year around and adapted to the current trends or your own style. I personally love the dark indigo wash of these as they give off a real grunge vibe just on their own but Rokit also have a lot of lighter washes if that's more up your street. Anyway in this sporty look I've teamed the dungarees with a classic striped top (my favourite combination), some chunky Dr Marten boots and some vintage style accessories to finish off the sport vibe. Team with a vampy lipstick and you've got the perfect 90s grunge outfit! 


Yep, that is the exact same pair of dungarees. Don't they look completely different just because of what they're styled with? This outfit is more of a modern, luxurious look with a little bit of added grime thanks to the dungarees. I absolutely love this one. The luxurious ankle boots, the sleek watch and the classy earrings give off a really glamorous feel whilst keeping it laid back enough to wear as an everyday outfit. I can really see someone like Kendall Jenner wearing this outfit - I love it!

No matter what your usual style, everyone should try a pair of dungarees. They can be a bit daunting but they don't have to make you look like a small child - it's all about the styling!

What do you think about dungarees?

Amy x

*this post is in collaboration with Rokit
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