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Monday, 8 February 2016

The Perfect Valentine's Gift For Him

T-minus five days until Valentine's Day. It's time to get yourself together and get that guy in your life something a little bit more special for the day of romance and that perfect gift comes in the form of a gift card from Spoke London. No matter what, every guy needs a pair of smart trousers in their lives but that pair of trousers has to be the perfect fit and we all know what kind of trouble that can cause. What waist size? What leg length? What colour? That's where Spoke London comes in and boy, do they help out.

Spoke believe that when it comes for trousers, the fit comes first. They operate on the basis that it's pointless buying a really great pair of trousers that don't fit right as they not only will they not look great, you won't feel great either. That's why when buying the pair of trousers that you settle on, you can totally customise the fit and choose waist size, leg length and build to ensure that the size you order is the right size.

The gift card is such a great idea as it comes with a tape measure, which may not seem that overwhelming at first, but I always think it's so surprising just how many people don't know their exact waist or leg size for trousers. The gift card and tape measure means that your guy can know exactly what size he needs before ordering so that there's no messing around sending things back or exchanging when the parcel arrives. Plus there's no chance you can get into trouble for ordering the wrong size either! Plus, as Spoke focus on quality and firmly believe that less is more, your guy can choose exactly which style and colour trouser he wants without having to trawl through a thousand different styles. Spoke offer a few different types and colours of trousers but all of them have one thing in common; the high end, smart feel.

The pair that I ordered here are the dark navy cotton chinos and the quality is just incredible. I can tell just buy feeling the material that these are the kind of trousers that stay in a man's wardrobe for life and can be worn over and over again. They are truly timeless.

What are your favourite type of trousers for guys?

Amy x

*this post is in collaboration with Spoke London.

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  1. Really struggling to find the perfect gift, and i really like this idea for a gift xoxo



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