Monday, 1 February 2016

The Dizen Picks


 If there's one style of jacket that's an absolute staple it's the biker jacket. I've made no secret of the fact that it's my favourite style and this one may or not be the third addition to my wardrobe... Of course, I needed this one; I love the steely grey colour as it's such a great alternative to classic black and the zip detailing makes you look fierce. In my traditional style, I used it to add an edgy bit of something to an otherwise quite feminine outfit. I've mentioned before how much I'm loving baby pinks lately (aaall about the clash with the ginger hair!) and teaming it with black is one of my favourite things to do. It means I can feel feminine but not out of my comfort zone which is always a plus. 

Of course, when I'm wearing a baby pink top, the baby pink velvet boots have to make an appearance. Yep, they're still my absolute loves and I can't wait until the weather clears up a bit so I can wear them without worrying myself to death about ruining them. I think if I stepped in a puddle I would actually cry. 

So anyway, this beauty of a jacket is part of my collection on Dizen Clothing. I've put together my favourite pieces from their site and as you can imagine, my collection is very diverse and I think it's fair to say there is something for everyone in there whether you like to stick to your monochrome or whether you want to inject a pop of colour or a print into your life. The theme that runs through all of the pieces is that they're all quite girly grunge. There's your daring but beautiful sheer lace top or the black floral tea dress, both of which are quite dark and edgy, but equally there's the colourful floral trousers, which could be styled however you like, whether you're grungy, girly or anything in between. 

Check out my collection on Dizen and get 20% off everything I've picked out with the code SALT&CHIC20 - go on, grab yourself a bargain! 

Amy x
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