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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Denim Dilemmas: The Boyfriend Fit Jean

No matter what your style, age, height or anything else, we've all got jeans hanging in our wardrobes. They are undoubtedly the wardrobe staple and no collection of clothes is complete without at least a couple of pairs. So why do we have so much trouble finding the perfect pair? They are stocked by literally every brand, in umpteen different styles, washes and fits so why are they the hardest thing to shop for and how can we make that dreaded shopping trip a little bit easier? I've teamed up with M&S to find out what we find most difficult about finding the perfect pair and denim expert Karen Peacock and Elle columnist Stacey Duguid have answered all of your denim woes, hopefully answering your #DenimSOS calls! You can check out their denim style guide on the website but keep reading for my own tips too!

For me, my main issue with jeans is branching out. As someone who's of a small build and quite petite, I've found myself stuck in a rut, unable to peel my super skinny jeans off my legs. It's so easy to get attached to one style and I'll be honest that the thought of wearing a different style filled me with dread. Would I be able to pull them off? Would they flatter my shape? What on earth would I style them with?! I decided to face my fears and chose to style up this pair of Patch Denim Boyfriend Jeans from M&S. I think the main thing that attracted me to these jeans is the patch effect. All too often I choose the same old, same old ripped knee style, which are an amazing style undoubtedly, but it's always great to have an alternative and have something a little bit different and the vintage, grungy vibe of the patches definitely provide that for me.

As I said before I am rather petite and all too often, I find jeans that I love are way too long - I'm sure all of you petite girls can relate to the woes of having to roll your jeans up three times before they look acceptable! That's why one of my biggest tips for buying denim is to know the length of jeans you need. I always need a 30"/31" leg in full length jeans and if I want them to be more of an ankle grazer fit I sometimes even go for a 28". This is especially important for buying jeans online but luckily M&S had me covered with this. In their range of jeans, they a huge variety of waist sizes and also a variety of leg lengths too so you can really get your jeans to fit you perfectly, no matter what your size or height. 

When the jeans arrived, I loved them. The wash was perfect and despite them being boyfriend fit and therefore a bit looser than my beloved skinnies, they didn't look anywhere near as scary as expected. Next came the hard part. What did I style them with? Because of the loose fit of the jeans and the wash, I went for the classic look that goes hand in hand with boyfriend jeans and styled them with a comfy sweatshirt, layered with a roll neck. It just gives a real laid-back, casual vibe but the boots give it a little bit of an edge. Another tip of mine for solving denim dilemmas is to think outside the box. It's natural to want to style these boyfriend jeans as a downtime outfit but team them with some killer, strappy heels and a glitzy bralet and you've got the perfect SS16 going out outfit! 

So it's time for the big question....have I been converted from my skinnies? I actually think I have! My small frame carries this fit off much better than I thought and the length is absolutely perfect for me, something which I'm pleasantly surprised with - I didn't even have to roll them up once! Now I might have to try and get more wear out of my flared jeans that never see the light of day....

M Y   T O P   D E N I M   T I P S 
  1. Know your size: What size waist are you? What's your leg length? Knowing all of these measurements is essential for finding the perfect fit! 
  2. Don't be afraid: Don't shy away from different styles like I've done - you'll only get stuck in a rut! Be brave and try on some different styles to your usual - you may be pleasantly surprised!
  3. Think outside the box: It's easy to style up jeans with trainers and a plain tee. Try thinking outside the box and style them with heels or something you wouldn't normally. You could even try double denim! 
Also, Marks and Spencer have some really exciting news to share with you guys....they will be releasing a collection in collaboration with the style queen that is Alexa Chung! The 31 piece collection is going to be available from April 2016 so definitely keep your eyes peeled for it. I just know I'm going to want it all!

Check out the Marks and Spencer Denim Style Guide for some more amazing tips on how to wear your jeans as well as some really useful details about what the differences are between styles!

p.s. If you like my sweatshirt you can 20% off super cool slogan sweatshirts on Rad with the code saltandchic20

Amy x

*This post is in collaboration with Marks and Spencer. All views and comments remain my own.

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  1. Loving this outfit, it just looks so snug and perfect! x


  2. Love this patch work denim! M&S always has great finds!


  3. Love this outfit so much!
    xx Alyssa

  4. I always find boyfriend fit on me awkward. I always end up getting Mom jeans! But I love how they look on you and like the layering of the polo underneath! -x

    Lavinya Royes - Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  5. You rock boyfriend jeans so well beautiful!! I have wanted to get a pair for the longest time but always felt they would look weird on me because I am just so bloody short ha!! Thank you so much for these tips Amy ... they will definitely come in handy!!



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