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Monday, 22 February 2016

Champagne for Breakfast at Jesmond Dene House

Anyone who knows me at all will know how much I love breakfast - seriously I would eat it for every meal if I could! I'm always on the look out for new places to eat for my morning fuel so Jess and I were super excited to try a champagne breakfast at Jesmond Dene House, a beautiful hotel and restaurant situated just a few minutes drive from Newcastle City Centre. The hotel itself is a Georgian building, full of history, character and art, with the decor perfectly reflecting a traditional countryside house with a few modern twists meaning it's full of personality. Paintings line the walls and with open fireplaces, stacked bookshelves and adorable wicker dogs throughout, the hotel gives off a lovely, relaxed vibe, perfect for a chilled out breakfast for Jess and I, before a busy day in the city centre. 

For our breakfast, we were sat in a lovely little dining area, looking out through big windows onto the huge gardens. Of course, the first thing we did was order tea (if you haven't had a cup of tea have you really had breakfast??) and we were also poured orange juice and served with some laaavley toast whilst we decided on our cooked breakfasts. Continental breakfast was also available, serving cereals, breads, cheeses, croissants and a huge variety of fruit and it all looked amazing if you wanted something a little bit lighter (or even something to accompany your cooked breakfast! There's nothing wrong with treating yourself!) I ordered the eggs florentine, which is a muffin, spinach, poached egg and hollandaise sauce, whilst Jess opted for the classic full English.

The set up of the table was adorable. I'm a sucker for traditional homeware so loved the classic style teapots, bread baskets and little jam pots that were on the table and even though we were waiting for full cooked breakfasts each, we soon munched our way through the toast! Like I said, you've gotta treat yourself at breakfast.

When our food arrived we were not disappointed. The hollandaise sauce on my eggs florentine was beautiful and the eggs were done exactly how I like them with a runny yolk that bursts all over as soon as you cut into it. Eggs florentine is my ideal breakfast anyway, especially when you've got a long day ahead of you. It's filling, tasty and nutritious and a great veggie alternative to Eggs Benedict. 

Jess's full English breakfast came complete with freshly cooked sausage, black pudding, fried egg, toast, mushroom, bacon and tomato and she loved it. For meat eaters, a full English is definitely a classic for breakfast and when it's one as tasty as this with herby sausages and perfectly done bacon, it's sure to keep you going all morning! By the way how weird is Jess in that she doesn't like the egg yolk?! I thought it was the egg white that people didn't like?!

After we'd completely demolished the food, we moved onto the champagne. Yep, we had champagne for breakfast - we're definitely moving up in the world! I'll admit, as I don't drink apart from the occasional glass here and there at events and such, I'm very picky with my drinks and don't like a lot, particularly when it comes to wines and champagnes. However, I needn't have worried - I loved the Palmer & Co champagne. Founded in 1947 with a name inspired by the French biscuits Huntley & Palmer (oo don't you love a fun factoid), Jesmond Dene House now serves different varieties of the champagne for each occasion, including rose and the prestige cuvĂ©e Amazone de Palmer. We were served with the classic House Pour, a gold champagne with hints of white flowers and notes of citrus. It was light tasting; fresh, with a long fruity taste left on the palette, the perfect breakfast champagne. 

Of course the champagne can be ordered at any time in Jesmond Dene House and not just for breakfast but if you want to inject a little bit of luxury into your morning and start it off in style, a glass of Palmer & Co is definitely the best way to do that! 

Overall, I'd definitely recommend Jesmond Dene House for breakfast. It's really easy to find and although it's only a few minutes from Newcastle city centre, it has the perfect relaxed, countryside feel that you need on a morning. It was a lovely way to start our day off before heading into the busy city centre and staff and the service was brilliant, something which I think is essential for a good meal. 

I'll just leave you with this photo of Riley, the cat who we discovered living in his little house on our way out of the building. Not going to lie, we spent a good ten minutes taking photos of him and sitting saying "Rileeeey, puss puss puss". Because you can't walk past an animal without showing them some love right?

Read more about the Jesmond Dene House Restaurant and the Jesmond Dene House Accomodation if you're interested in eating or staying in the beautiful luxury Georgian house, in Jesmond.

Amy x

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  1. I used to HATE egg yolk up until a few years ago. Now though, gimme all the yolk porn! x

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Student Lifestyle Blog

  2. How cute are those dogs! I've never seen something like that!
    Stella from a Looks & Travels

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely time there! That cat is so cute x


  4. This all looks incredible I am now starving! :)


  5. I went to University in Newcastle and would have loved to visit Jesmond dene! Your photos are truly divine and what a lovely way to start the day with a friend! I love how you could convince yourself you aren't in Newcastle with that gorgeous setting!

    Musings & More

  6. This looks lovey - lucky you. Champagne for breakfast...HELL yeah!!!

    Fran Leanne x

  7. I love Jesmond Dene House, especially the afternoon tea. I've had the breakfast once when I treated my other half to a surprise night away there a few years ago but I never realised you could book in for breakfast when you're not staying over - such a brilliant idea!

    Chloe X

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