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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Bedroom Decor

I think you know you're an adult when home decor excites you. Never did I think that one day I'd be be sitting in the house looking forward to the delivery of new bits and pieces for my room but hey, when it's as pretty as these bits and bobs in this post, who can blame me?

I don't know about anyone else but when I've got my bedroom exactly how I want it, it improves my mood immensely. For me, my home decor has to be three things; simple, bright and tidy. I can't stand clutter and recently I've been trying to get rid of all of the unnecessary things sitting on my drawers and stands (although I have too much make up for that ever to happen to my dressing table but you'll all understand.) I once heard a sleep specialist say that your quality of sleep will improve if your room is tidy and decluttered and whether that's true or not, it has stuck in my mind and I can't stand my room being too untidy, especially on an evening.

After getting new furniture and getting my room re-painted in July last year, my room is finally at a stage where I'm happy with it so I thought I'd just share a few of my favourite new pieces I've got in my room at the moment!

So first, we've got my new additions and at the minute this is probably my favourite part of my room. Both the deer head and the photo frames are from the lovely homeware website Cox and Cox, a website which is a blogger's dream. It's jam packed full of pinterest-able pieces for all rooms in your house and has the perfect balance between traditional and contemporary homeware, stocking everything from lighting to furniture to little pieces like this.

This Majestic Deer Head caught my eye straight away. It fits absolutely perfectly with the bright and simple theme of my room, adding just the right amount of personality to the decor without taking attention away from the room as a whole. It's surprisingly light so there's no risks with hanging it on the wall and I need to get my hands on some dainty little fairy lights to drape over it.

In true blogger style, quite a lot of the accessories in my room are bronze so this set of three delicate copper photo frames fit in perfectly. I love how the polaroid photos fit nicely in the middle; it looks much nicer than having a full photo fill the frame! I think my favourite thing about them though is the ribbon that turns them into hanging frames - such a cute alternative!

I have a number of little quote prints in my room and I'll admit most of them are from Harry Potter. I had to have my favourite ever, ever, ever quote on my wall and in case you can't see it it's the old faithful Severus Snape. "After all this time?" "Always." (Rest in peace, Alan Rickman). The cute floral photo frame is from Paperchase and if you're looking for some really charming little bits for your home, I'd highly recommend you have a look! I always forget to head there for homeware as I always associate it with stationary but it stocks some adorable bits and pieces for the home too. 

The quote on my shelf was a gift from my bestie Jess for my birthday and although I'm not sure where she got it, sellers on Etsy offer virtually any quote in any style and some will even custom make them for you. 

Since I got my new furniture back in July,  I've loved my bedside cabinet area. The photo frame is again from Paperchase and the lamp is just a cheapie from Tesco but it's done me so well over the two years I've had it. Although I don't like clutter there's usually something on my bedside cabinet like a book or my DS or my iPad; I know I'm not alone when I say I can never go straight to sleep when I decide to go to bed so always unwind by reading a few pages of my book or playing a bit of Pokemon. Of course I'm reading a book called "Rogue Laywer" - I read a book as a break from my law degree so what book do I read? A book all about law. Logic. 

Finally, my elephant bedspread deserves a little mention. Every time I post a photo of my bed on Instagram people want to know where it's from - Primark would you believe! Yup, it's one of the cheapest bedspreads I've ever owned but is also my favourite. I don't know about anyone else but I've been loving Primark's homeware of late!

Amy x

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  1. I love how uncluttered your room feels from the photos. The deer head is adorable and your shelf is so pretty! I definitely think I'm getting older now I'm starting to love homeware/interiors type of posts! x

    Jodie // Jodie Loue

  2. You have some really simple, pretty pieces. I have a gold deer head that I love! I can only dream of having such an uncluttered space as I agree with it improving your mood, I feel so much better when everywhere is tidy. Now if only I could maintain it!

    Lucy x- Yellowicing

  3. Absolutely adore those hanging frames they're so cute especially with the little Polaroids in them! Your room looks so nice and relaxing!
    Amy xx Call Me Amy

  4. Love the white theme of your room! Those frames are gorgeousss xx


  5. Those copper frames look lovely! I love having something on my bedside table too, I think it makes the room looked lived in :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  6. Oh my gosh, so much pretty. I'd love such a white room, but I know with my clumsy self it wouldn't stay like it for long!!

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  7. I love all the decor in your room, and your bed sheets are awesome.

    Jenn | Jennifer Jayne

  8. Beautifully styled room! I love your personal touches and that elephant bedspread it so quirky. Very clean and minimal space, what a lovely environment to drop off to the land of nod! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

  9. Your room is beautiful! I love your wall display, the frames and deer work so well together. I was really tempted to get those elephant sheets when I saw them because I just love elephants and now I'm regretting a bit that I didn't!


  10. I know what you mean about decor getting you all excited. Totally understand. I'm the exact same myself! I love bobbing around Primark, Homesense and just looking at all the pretty things for my bedroom! 5 years ago I never thought I'd be remotely interested in any of it. But now... can't get enough of it! :) Thanks for sharing! Lovely room btw xo


  11. I love the deer head that is right up my street, and I basically worship my elephant bedsheets too haha xxx


  12. so cute pics ;-))

    i invite to me too


  13. I LOVE de-cluttering and tidying my room, I can't stand it otherwise and feel stressed when it's messy. Also agree about being an adult = interior decorating fun! I haven't moved out of my parents yet but I'm always buying cute things for when I do. It might not be for a while yet but it's going to be so fun to decorate a whole place and not just a room! Primark & Asda bed sheets are my favourite. I love yours, and yes, I'm totally on board with the copper trend! <3

    Amanda Jayne | beauty, style, travel, life

  14. Love those photo frames, I managed to nab some similar in the M&S sale last year! Liv x

  15. I'm absolutely head over heels for those stag heads, they'd go perfectly with the 'theme' of my bedroom, I love them. Your room is a dream!

    Isabelle | www.isabellekategm.co.uk ♡

  16. Love your room! I a big fan of fairy lights, I have so many in my room ahha. Also, really like your elephants bed sheets!

    Records of my Troubles

  17. Your bedroom d├ęcor is so nice! I love white and minimalist interior, I find them so pretty!
    Jennifer | Pretty as Summer

  18. Giiiirl, we have such similar home decor taste. I absolutely love everything you've done. I'm exactly the same too, I knew I was an adult as soon as I bought a house and cared more about H&M home than actual H&M, ha!


  19. Love it! It is probably true that a de-cluttered room de0clutters your mind therefore you sleep better! I really need to go through my room and chuck what I don't need.

    Also grabbing new furniture and pieces for my room atm I never used to be so into it but as you said you feel like a real adult when we get excited over this stuff! haha

    your room is gorgeous! x

    Rai | utterardour.blogspot.com

  20. Love your room details! I need those cute frames for polaroids. I just got a camera and I keep taking photos like crazy haha

    Creepers & Cupcakes

  21. I love those copper frame! gorgeous room, makes me want to go on a homeware buying spree UH OH :)

  22. So cute, the fairy lights are my favorite!
    xx Alyssa

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