Saturday, 6 February 2016

10 Signs You Went Through The Teenage Chav Stage

When I was a young teenager, you usually went through one of two stages - chav or emo. Now, aged 22, I absolutely envy those who went through the emo stage as I was a chav and when I say chav, I mean a full on tracksuit bottoms and budgie swing earrings kind of chav. Oh the shame! Anyway, I think it's hilarious now looking back on what was fashionable (for want of a better word. It was certainly not fashionable!) and as I went through the chav stage, here are ten things that you'll relate to if you went through the same.

1. Feeling like a boss when you turned the collar up on your polo shirt.
I personally used to love leaving all three of the buttons undone on my striped polo shirts and turn the collar right up and this was an even better look when I upturned the collar on my bright pink Helly Hansen coat. I've always been a trend setter.

2. No hoop earring was big enough
If it didn't brush the top of your shoulder it wasn't big enough. What health and safety risk? Also, we had a thing for those weird triangular shaped chunky earrings that kind of looked like clowns. You know what I mean! 

3. Hair gel was your best friend.
Yes you read that right. I know I wasn't the only one who combed thick wads of hair gel through my ponytail to get my hair flat to my head and then proceeded to pull two tiny wisps out of the front. If you were male, no amount of hair gel was enough to get those super hot hedgehog spikes. 

4. Your trainers went with EVERYTHING 
Whether it was your school uniform, a skirt, your trusty tracksuit or a big prom dress, you didn't leave the house without one of your many pairs of trainers on your feet (yes Lily Allen, I'm looking at you).

5. You wore football socks even though you didn't play football.
You then proceeded to tuck your tracksuit bottoms into said socks. Oh the style!! 

6. Guys with slits shaved into their eyebrows were super hot.
Side note: they really weren't. 

7. Your MSN screen name was literally a work of art.
Âmý ËLL 2k7 bÚzzÍñ

8. Your go to pose in a photo was the thumbs up 
Along with everyone else in the photo...Nope, not cringey at all.

9. You had a Playboy themed bedroom.
A Playboy bedspread, holographic poster, two pillows, sheets, curtains, mirror, underwear, hanging laser cut decorations... Add in the Playboy underwear and some Playboy earrings and you were the most envied girl in the year.

10. You now look back at your photos and think "really?"
Why oh why did I think that looking like I'd jumped into Sports Direct covered in superglue was a good look? Also, why don't teenage girls these days have a chav phase? Why aren't they currently tucking their tracksuit bottoms into their socks? I thought it was teenage tradition!!

Did you go through a chav phase? I hope you got a good chuckle out of this!! 

Amy x
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