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Thursday, 28 January 2016

The Perfect Valentine's Bouquet


If there's one thing that's an absolute failsafe for Valentine's Day, it's a big bouquet of flowers. Valentine's Day is definitely the time to go all out on the bouquets and even if it is a little bit cliche, everyone likes to receive flowers on February 14th and roses are definitely the go-to flower for the perfect bouquet. This particular bouquet from Blossoming Gifts is, as you can see by the photos, absolutely stunning. I know red is usually the colour for that traditional Valentine's bunch of flowers but my favourite thing about roses is that there is a colour for everyone, no matter what kind of flowers you usually like. The Bubblegum Pink bunch is a beautiful light shade of pink and the addition of the dark green ruscus break the colour up just that little bit to make the pink stand out spectacularly. 

Roses are without a doubt the most romantic of flowers and this particular bunch came with a little box of truffles too and although I got this bunch for myself because I'm a strong believer of buying yourself gifts (of course), the chocolates made a nice little addition to the flowers to complete the Valentine's package. I did however eat the chocolates before I could get a photo of them (bad blogger). 

If roses aren't yours or your partners thing, Blossoming Gifts have a whole range of affordable Valentine's flowers, with a bouquet for all tastes and budgets. There are lilies, tulips and freesias of all kinds of romantic colours and you can buy everything from a single red rose package to a huge parcel of roses, teddies and balloons. After all, unconventional Valentine's Day gifts are great (I actually wrote about them a few days ago if you are looking for something less traditional) but if you are a hopeless romantic looking to impress then a beautiful bouquet like this one is undoubtedly the way to go.

You can get a whopping 33% off flowers on Blossoming Gifts with the code BLOG33 so be sure to use it to save a bit of cash on that perfect bouquet!

Amy x

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  1. What a beautiful bouquet! I love the colour of these roses, so pretty (:

    L x


  2. Those roses are stunning. I work in a florist so it's so fresh when somebody orders something that isn't red roses! I love your blog, you have a new follower xx


  3. Oh, they're a beautiful shade of pink! x


  4. Definitely romantic, such beautiful flowers!
    Hope you're doing well lovely x

    lifestyle and home blog

  5. Wow these roses are so so so gorgeous! xo

    Emily | emsalice.com

  6. The most gorgeous bouquet I have ever seen! x

    Darling Jordan

  7. I love flowers so much, plus I totally agree with choosing the pale pink over the red!

    Robyn / Phases Of Robyn

  8. Goodness me, this bouquet looks perfect. It's like an arrangement from a showroom!
    Megan x
    London Callings

  9. Such a beautiful bouquet! Really beautiful photographs too



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