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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

The New Purse


If you've been keeping up with my Amsterdam blog posts, you might have read that sadly my purse was stolen out of my bag whilst I was away. I was gutted because it was my beloved Michael Kors purse and it had absolutely everything in it; my driving license, my bank card, my student card... It's a lesson to always, always, always watch your bag when you're in a big crowd wherever you are and sometimes even when you've done all you can to keep your possessions safe, you can still be a target for pickpockets. I'll admit I definitely cried to mourn the loss of my beautiful Michael Kors purse. *silently sobs into cup of tea*

When I got back home from Amsterdam, I felt absolutely lost without my purse and found myself looking for it every time I left the house. Oh how I hated having money floating around in my bag! Love The Sales had my back when it came to filling the purse shaped hole in my life and I could not have asked for a better replacement. In case you don't know, Love The Sales is a website, mainly focusing on fashion, offering products from hundreds of brands, including Michael Kors, Kurt Geiger, French Connection and hundreds more. What makes the site even better is that all of the products are offered at discount prices meaning the top brands, like Tommy Hilfiger, become completely accessible to us all. 

This beautiful Tommy Hilfiger purse was everything I needed. It's a similar style to the Michael Kors one I had before with the zip top and gold logo on the front but I love the classic Tommy Hilfiger colouring of this one. The red and cream panels on the front just scream sophistication and I can't believe how much space there is inside. There's a zip coin compartment, a middle section for all of my loyalty cards (which I'm currently in the process of re-ordering ugh) and a second flap section with space for my bank card and driving license (which I'm also re-ordering - oh the joys!!) Overall it's a beautiful purse and I cannot wait to get it filled with my thousands of loyalty cards when they finally arrive! 

It's not just Tommy Hilfiger purses that Love The Sales have; in the Tommy Hilfiger sale, there are men's and women's clothes, including everything from coats to suits to shirts. You name it, it's there. This purse for example is reduced from £75 to £45, so it's actually a really big saving so if you're thinking of buying something from a brand, it's definitely best to see if you can get it discounted first!

Amy x

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  1. I absolutely love the colors! So sorry about your Michael Kors one :(


  2. It's so important to have a good purse! Love the colours!


  3. It's so pretty! I've been after a new purse for ages so I might have to have a little gander at this website


  4. Will definitely check this website out! Sorry to hear about your purse, can't imagine anything more upsetting, especially when you're on holiday! Love the design of your new one, gorgeous colours! x

    Summer, The Twins Wardrobe

  5. Can't believe you had your purse stolen, so horrid! Fab replacement though, this one is so nice!

    Robyn / Phases Of Robyn


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