Friday, 8 January 2016

MA1 Bomber Jacket

Monochrome, otherwise known as the fashion blogger's best friend. I don't think I've ever come across anyone who doesn't love a little bit of monochrome every now and even those who have the brightest wardrobes have been known to succumb to its lure. I think the thing about a monochrome palette is the laid-back ease of it. Can't be bothered to think of a great outfit? Grab something black and white and you're good to go. Black and white never go out of style either so no matter what season it is, how hot it is outside or what time of day it is you know that monochrome has always got your back,

Santa brought me this bladdy lovely MA1 bomber jacket from Topshop and it's just what my wardrobe needed. I'm all too used to grabbing my trusty leather jacket to go over the top of outfits and I wanted something a little bit different, a little bit more mod than the standard leather jacket we're all well used to seeing. This bomber jacket is so comfortable and a little bit bad ass - I definitely need the navy faux fur lined bomber jacket in my life too!

Now, trainers are something I don't have a lot of in my wardrobe. When I see bloggers and outfits with the beautiful Stan Smiths and their Nikes, I can't help but admire them but I can just never seem to pull them off, no matter how much I'd love to (though that still won't stop me adding a pair to my wardrobe at some point, I don't doubt!) so for me, Converse are the failsafe. I've loved Converse for as long as I can remember, my first ever pair being a black high top pair as a young teen and since then I've always had a pair in my shoe collection. This beauty of a pair was a gift from Karl at Christmas and I'm absolutely in love with them. Just when you thought Converse couldn't get any more perfect, you spot a pair of white leather ones, making them just that bit more luxurious and sleek than your average sneaker. All hail Converse! 

Amy x


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