Saturday, 5 December 2015

Winter Wonderland

Last week I ventured down to London for a couple of days with my mum and my sister for a quick trip to the amazing Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. Every single year, when December has come around, I've said "I want to go to Winter Wonderland!" but I've just never gotten around to going so when my mum said she'd take us down for a treat I was over the moon. It's nice to get away from all the stresses of everyday uni and work life for a couple of days and really get into the Christmas spirit and Winter Wonderland really made that so easy!

From the moment we walked in it felt like Christmas already. There was Christmas music playing, markets lining each side, bright lights from all of the huge rides, Santas and Christmas trees at every turn...It really is a must visit if you love Christmas and winter in general! We started off by eating crepes with nutella - yum! - before heading in and having a wander around before our ice skating slot. I absolutely love rides and rollarcoasters but unfortunately my mum is petrified of them. Luckily my sister quite likes them but as she's only 8 she wasn't tall enough or old enough to go on the really big rides which I would have loved to go on so we settled for the medium-big rides, which were still so much fun! My sister is the most dramatic person in the world so was literally screaming in my ear for the whole time we were on the rides and I just couldn't stop laughing!

It was pouring down while we were there so ice skating was a bit risky! The ice was absolutely covered in rain water and puddles so it was unbelievably slippy - I honestly wish I'd filmed the whole thing because the way people were falling over was absolutely comical! Sophie actually went down magnificantly, with her legs in the air and her face like the "scared ghost emoji". Of course, because she's so dramatic she screamed her head off laid in the water on the ice and then tried to say afterwards that she wasn't bothered that she fell - didn't we all do that aged 8?!

After ice skating we headed to the Magical Ice Kingdom, a section of the park that's full of sculptures made entirely of ice. Let me tell you, it was bloody freezing. I thought I was cold outside but when I went in the Ice Kingdom my face actually hurt it was that cold and when we came out, outside actually felt warm! However, the cold was worth it because as you can see the sculptures are absolutely fantastic and the photos can't truly show how beautiful it was. There was even a slide made of ice that my sister went flying down a few times - it was truly fantastic. 

Overall, we loved Winter Wonderland and it was such a magical experience that I would definitely recommend for non-Londoners if you haven't already been! However it is so expensive so if you go definitely go with a fat wallet! 

I also made a YouTube video of our time there so be sure to watch it below!

Amy x
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