Sunday, 6 December 2015

The Sunday Post: The Figleaves Secret Santa

Secret Santa's are my absolute favourite and they just add to the excitement of the run up to Christmas so back in October, I was involved in the Blogger's Secret Santa with Figleaves. We each had to choose a Christmas gift from the Figleaves website to send to our Secret Santa and my girl was Robyn from Phases of Robyn. I chose this absolutely stunning pair of checked pyjamas which I thought were perfect for Christmas - isn't there something just so festive about checked pyjamas? They remind me of the Polar Express! The material of them was silky and soft and the colours are beautiful with the deep purples and pinks. I almost wanted to keep them for myself and be my own Secret Santa! I popped in a little card and a small treat from Boots for Robyn too which I hope she loved! 

As for the wrapping, I'm such a perfectionist. I had to use colour co-ordinating wrapping paper and bows and stick to the blue and silver theme - everyone always complains at Christmas because I wrap my presents so well and so tightly they can never get into them (oops). I'm a sucker for a bit of pretty wrapping and wrapping presents is actually one of my favourite things to do to get me into the Christmas spirit.

We all sent out Secret Santa gifts off last week and mine arrived a few days ago and it turned out to be the super sassy and super gorgeous Chloe from The Little Plum! As soon as I read the card and read that she was behind the gift I knew I was going to love it - her style is perfect and isn't really that much different to mine. I wasn't disappointed when I pulled out this fricking amazing silky, lacy pyjama set - I mean look how beautiful it is! The lace, the dark navy, the material, the sassy style... It is everything I would have wanted out of my Secret Santa! Of course, it was wrapped beautifully too but unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of the packaging before I ripped it open (bad blogger!) but rest assured it looked amazing.

See what all of the other blogger's invovled got in their Secret Santa's in the Figleaves magazine which you can check out here - it's great for some wrapping or some gift inspo!

Amy x
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