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Monday, 21 December 2015

Show Dry: Tamara Ecclestone's Luxury Blow Dry

A couple of weeks ago, the gorgeous Tamara Ecclestone opened her Show Dry Styling Bar at House of Fraser in the Metro Centre. I was invited to the launch where Tamara herself would be attending but I was away and couldn't make it (*sobs*) so last week I headed over to the newly opened station to try out the signature blow dry. Now, my hair is a little bit short to get the full effect but I love my hair to be big and bouncy anyway so I couldn't wait to see what it looked like! 

When I arrived at the station, the first thing I noticed was how sleek it was. The decor is so luxurious with a black and gold theme and Tamara's Show styling products lining the shelves. I was greeted by the stylist, Marie, who was absolutely lovely (and with gorgeous hair!) and she talked me through the services and the products she was going to use before washing my hair. Show does have a shampoo and conditioner launching next year but the main focus of the brand at the minute is the styling so the main products used on my hair were indeed the styling products. 

After washing my hair, the first product used was the Sheer Thermal Protect, something which is essential when you're going to be blasting your hair with a load of heat. Straight away I noticed the smell of the spray and it was divine. Tamara wanted the products to smell like creme brulee and although I don't really know what creme brulee smells like, I do know that the spray smelled really light and sweet, without being sickly or overpowering so it was a real winner anyway! 

Marie also used some of the Pure Treatment Oil on my hair before she began the blow dry. I've said a few times before in blog posts that the word "oil" frightens me but every single time I use it, I forget why I'm so scared of using it. She used literally a tiny but on the fronts of my hair and worked it through to the ends, explaining that the oil is weightless and adds volume and shine to your hair, without coating it or dragging it down and you'll see in the later photos that it really did work - my hair had never looked so shiny! I think I need the oil in my life and I honestly never thought I'd say that about an oil.

My hair was separated into sections and Marie explained that for the signature blow dry, the hair is separated into six different sections to add volume to each part of the hair. I absolutely suck at blow drying my own hair so this is something I'll have to try in the future as it did look a lot easier to manage than trying to do it in random sections or all at once and the end result was amazing. Like I said above, my hair is a little bit too short for the signature blow dry to have a full effect so I was so surprised when it turned out as well as it did. Who knew my hair could have so much bounce and volume?! 

I love how full my hair looks and the flicks underneath and at the front is something that I never thought would work on my hair but it really did! Oh I can only imagine how fab it would look on someone who has a bit of length on their hair! She finished off the look with a bit of dry shampoo just on the roots underneath to lift it even more and even the next day my hair was still big and bouncy, and a spritz of the Lux Volume Mist. Overall I absolutely loved the end result and even the blow dry itself was a luxurious experience that I'd definitely book myself back in for. 

Show Dry also offers other styling services including express services and braids, something which I'm 100% going to book myself in for when my hair gets some length on it! You can find out where your nearest Show Dry station is here if you want something special doing with your hair for a special occasion and you can check out the full Show Beauty range here

Amy x

*PR relationship

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  1. Love the hairdo! Seriously wishing I was brave enough to dye my hair the same shade as your hair!


  2. Your hair looks absolutely amazing! <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 

  3. Your hair looks gorgeous and full of bounce and volume. They're all something my hair lacks haha. It sounds like a lovely salon!

    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

  4. Wow your hair looks beautiful! Love the colour and the style, they did a great job!


  5. It looks FAB! The salon looks so sleek, and your hair looks amazing!

    Robyn / Phases Of Robyn

  6. Your hair looks beaut and so does the salon


  7. Your hair looks amazing! Absolutely in love with your new hair color <3 <3 <3
    She Will Be


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