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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Finding A Unique Fragrance

If there's one thing that's a failsafe gift for Christmas, it's perfume. However, your regular, everyday bottles of perfume can get a little bit cliche and a little bit...well, boring for a Christmas gift. That's where The Library of Fragrance comes in. Think perfumes and fragrances with a twist. The Library of Fragrance aims to create scents that capture the everyday smells that surround us every day and bottle them up for us to use. They have the normal scents that we're all used to and that we all love such as cherry blossom and coconut, but then they have some truly wacky scents for the more adventurous, including dirt, gin & tonic, pizza and pipe tobacco. See, I told you they were fragrances with a twist!

I chose three of the more unconventional fragrances to try but I didn't want to go too adventurous. I'd love to try the pizza scent and salt air scent so if any of you decide to go for that then let me know! I chose to go for Fireplace, Moonbeam and Thunderstorm, three unconventional but not too crazy fragrances that I couldn't wait to try!

So first up, is the Fireplace Cologne Spray (which is now in the sale so pick it up now if you want it!) I was really looking forward to this one as I absolutely love the smell of open fireplaces, particularly at this time of year and I wasn't disappointed. When I opened the bottle, I was so surprised as it really did smell just like a fireplace but when I sprayed it, the scent is rather spicy and really festive. It's such a beautiful scent, especially for this time of year. 

The Moonbeam cologne spray was my "safe" choice as I knew I would love it. It's described as "gourmand-floral" on the site with vanilla, chocolate, lily and jasmine and as jasmine and vanilla are two of my favourite notes in perfumes, I knew this would be a winner. The scent is really sweet and is surprisingly strong, which is great as you literally only need a few squirts for it to really take hold. This is definitely my favourite out of the three but I knew it would be! Plus, how gorgeous is the name "moonbeam'?

Thunderstorm is the most difficult to describe out of the three and is based on the smell of the moment before the rain starts to fall in a thunderstorm. The description really caught my eye as I love that smell before the rain hits, where the air smells heavy and humid. The smell of the perfume is probably the most peculiar out of them all but that doesn't mean that it's bad and it actually smells lovely. It's another very strong scent so a couple of sprays will do it! The two unconventional scents really surprised me with how nice they smelled so I think next time I'm getting some perfumes from The Library of Fragrance, I'll branch out a bit and try something even more adventurous! 

The Library of Fragrance also recommend layering the perfumes together, to create your own unique scent, something which I think is such a cool idea. The site recommends layering Thunderstorm with Moonbeam to create a bit of a sweeter scent and it smells divine. I'm glad I got Moonbeam as although it's not too adventurous, it's a great one to have to add some floral tones to the other scents, making them a bit more me.

The scents are also available at Boots so be sure to check them out!

Amy x


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  1. I want to buy that so bad!!! x


  2. I went quite safe with Vanilla Ice Cream and Cherry Blossom but Moonbeam sounds lovely! x


  3. I thought Thunderstorm smelled a little bit like grass does after it rains hard. I love the concept of personalising your own scent.

    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

  4. These fragrances look amazing! I bet they smell amazing too!


  5. Love library of fragrance scents!

    Sophie x

  6. Wow that sounds really exciting and intriguing, haven't seen anything like this out there before and now I want in! xxx

  7. Love the concept of 'libraby of fragrance', never heard of it before and I'd love to try out their scents.

  8. I've smelt a few of them in boots before. I'm on the look out for something that smells more manly I guess? So maybe fireplace would work?

    A Forte For Fashion


  9. I love just looking through their website at the scents they have, such a crazy collection but such a unique idea as well. Fireplace sounds lovely, that's one of my favourite things about Winter so it definitely sounds like one I'd enjoy. x

    Megan | http://www.meganjean.co.uk

  10. I have a few colognes from The Library of Fragrance, I really want to get some more for my collection though - Thunderstorm is on my list!
    Megan x
    London Callings

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