Monday, 23 November 2015

Upper East Side


Yep, those boots are making an appearance once again. Those boots that get more attention than anything I've ever known every time I wear them because they're just that beautiful. Seriously, I've never been stopped and asked about a piece of clothing so much - people just seem to fall in love with them as soon as they set eyes on them and it's with good reason to be honest! The colour, the texture, the fit, the velvet. Is there anything not to love about them? 

I took your advice from my last post wearing them as a few of you said that they would look amazing with an all black ensemble and boy, you guys were not wrong! I love how much they stand out against the black and they really do  do all the talking. They really put a bit of "wowwww" into an otherwise very casual outfit and I know this is fast going to become one of my favourite outfits. 

The jumper is another recent addition to my wardrobe and boy oh boy, do I love it! It's the softest, fleeciest, slouchiest jumper I've ever had in my life. I'm sure if you've been in your local Topshop recently I'm sure you'll have seen a whole variety of these beautiful fleecy jumpers doing the rounds and if you're like me and love a good slogan sweatshirt, I'd definitely advise you to pick one up while you can! It's perfect for a lounge day or a study day at uni and is such a versatile, everyday essential for this winter!

Have you noticed a difference in my photos? I recently purchases 50mm lens for my Canon 700d and I think the difference in quality is insane and I'm absolutely over the moon with it. The difference is more prominent in the close up shots but I'm so happy with it and it's definitely been one of my better tech investments!

Amy x
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