Thursday, 19 November 2015

Thoughtful Christmas Gift Idea: The Book Of Everyone

I'm a sucker for a cute, thoughtful gift that really means something and I'm constantly scouring the internet for something that will make a really nice "awww" moment at Christmas. It sounds cheesy, but these kind of gifts are the best as they give you something to remember, something to look back on and something to keep that won't go "out of date" like the latest gadget will. That's why the Book of Everyone is definitely the kind of gift that instantly catches my eye and makes it onto my Christmas Present To Buy List.

The Book of Everyone is a handcrafted book, full of quirky little statistics about the lucky person receiving it, with personalised pages, photos and quotes, along with drawings and graphics by a whole load of different artists and designers. Yep, I loved the sound of it as soon as I heard about it so I got straight onto the website and created "The Book of Karl." 

Never mind the book for now, creating it was so much fun! It was really easy to navigate and al that was needed for the statistics was Karl's name and date of birth and the book gave facts about his age, his star sign, his year of birth and everything else you can think of related to him entering the world. Some of the pages can be personalisd with quotes or photos like on the first photo - how frickin cute was Karl as a small child?! I've only uploaded a few photos of the inside of the book because I don't want to ruin it for you - it's much more effective if you actually create one yourself for free and view it online - the book wasn't even about me and I loved reading through all of the facts! 

I don't know if it was my browser or internet connection or what, but when I was creating the Book I had some trouble uploading the photos. They just wouldn't load for some reason and I knew I couldn't have the book without the photos - for me they're the most personal of touches and really let someone know you've thought about them and the memories you've shared. I emailed the support email at about 9pm and wasn't expecting a reply until the next morning at least but within about half an hour I had a reply from the support team, who told me to send me the photos and they would add them in for me. I was so happy - it's lovely to receive such great customer service and my book arrived within about 8 days after I placed the order, which I think is fantastic for a gift which a lot of hard work clearly goes into.

This version of the Book of Everyone is the deluxe version. You get the hardback book complete with casing and a digital version of the book too and this comes in at £49.50. Don't worry if this is a bit out of your price range though as there are several other options, including a paperback for £19.50 and a digital version for £7.50, meaning that there is an option for everyone, even if you aren't wanting to spend a lot of money on it.

You can create a Book of Everyone online and see the whole thing for free before you buy it here. It takes about 5 minutes to fully personalise it and it's really worth taking the time to have a look at of you want a thoughtful gift for someone at Christmas. Have a go here!

Do you like meaningful personalised gifts like this?

Amy x
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