Sunday, 22 November 2015

The Sunday Post: Durham Lumiere Light Festival 2015

Every two years, the city of Durham is host to the UK's largest light festival: the Lumiere. It attracts around 200,000 people each time it's on and with good reason as it really is a beautiful thing to see. Artists from around the world create pieces to display over four days and this year the pieces included giant knitting needles, flying dream creatures, a rose window made of plastic bottles and so much more. The Cathedral also is a main part of the festival, with a new light show projected onto it each year and this year the theme was the universe. 

It can be really difficult to really describe the artworks and how beautiful they were without actually showing you them so I put together a little video on my YouTube channel so that you could really get a feel what it was like and appreciate the beauty of the art and the festival itself. Durham is a lovely but quiet city so it's always great to have something like the Lumiere, to really show off the culture and the beauty of the city itself. Give the video below a watch and don't forget to sub to me on YouTube! 

Amy x

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