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Sunday, 29 November 2015

The Sunday Post: Christmas Jumper Style


I've got some bad news for all of you humbugs out there - Christmas is almost upon us. You can't deny it anymore so it's time to get out of that scrooge mindset, get the decorations down and get that Christmas jumper on! I've made no secret of the fact that I love the festive season and love any excuse to talk about Christmas so yep, my Christmas jumper is out. Asda helped me get truly into the spirit with a brand, spankin' new one and this year, the jumpers are bigger, bolder and better than I've ever seen. I love this navy one. It's fluffy, it's glittery, it has sequins and best of all, it has a Christmas pun. What more could you want from a novelty jumper, made for the jolliest time of the year? 

Anyway, Asda challenged me to show you how to make a Christmas jumper that little bit more stylish so first of all, I decided to layer it with a grey roll neck jumper. I'm always cold, so layering is a given for me, but I think the roll neck gives the jumper a bit more of a fitted look. It's a subtle change but if you think of the jumper without the roll neck underneath, it's a powerful one and really does make a difference to the overall look.

To make the whole outfit a bit more glam, I added the black faux fur hat, something which I think really makes a difference. Granted, you might not want to wear the hat all day if you're just in the house but if you're going out in your jumper, it does give the outfit a bit more of a "serious" look and balances it out just that little bit. I also added the absolutely adorable cross body bird bag - I mean look at how bloody cute it is! It's Christmassy enough to add to the outfit but not so Christmassy you won't be able to use it again after December is over, something which I'm always bearing in mind when buying festive accessories. 

Finally, to just finish the novelty jumper off, we have the traditional Christmas slippers. Boot style slippers like this are my absolute favourite because they keep my feet nice and toasty, without sliding off my feet like some styles do. Also, Harry seems to have taken a bit of a fancy to them and literally won't leave them alone. Every time I wear them I can guarantee that he's there and that he's trying to lick them or bite them or chew them - he's a menace! By the way, how cute does Harry look in his very own Christmas santa jumper?! He's not so keen on the hood, which I only put up for photo purposes, but other than that he seems to love it! Watch out for photos of Luna in her Christmas jumper soon...

So there we have it. That's how I wear my novelty festive jumper! Are you a fan of the Christmas knit?

Amy x
*this post is in collaboration with Asda*

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  1. This is making super excited to put my Christmas jumper on!!!


  2. look awesome!


  3. That jumper is just brilliant, so so cute! x


  4. This jumper is great, I am partial to a good Christmas pun!
    The bag is adorable too, George have some wonderful pieces out this year. x

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

  5. beautiful
    new post :

  6. Love this post, so fun and has made me excited - I need a xmas jumper!

    Hannah | Oh January

  7. I want those slippers omg. *__*

  8. I love the layering and omg that bag! It's so cute I think I need it!
    Amy X
    Call Me Amy

  9. Love the doggy Christmas jumper!
    I'm getting my dog a Christmas pudding jumper 🙈


    KT xo.

  10. I love this Christmas jumper. Anything with a pun on it has my vote straight away. I like the idea of layering with a polo neck underneath - chic and cosy. I'm also so in love with Harry in his little jumper, he is adorable! Li x


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