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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Afternoon Tea In The North East

It's no secret that tea has a special place in my life (no exaggeration) and going for afternoon tea is one of my absolute favourite things to do. However, I don't really know of that many places that do a really great afternoon tea in the North East so when St Mary's Inn invited me and my friend Jess to give their Afternoon Tea a try, I couldn't wait. St Mary's Inn is in a small village in Morpeth and although it is a little bit of a drive for me, it was easy enough to get to and was literally just a few minutes off the A1.

St Mary's Inn is a real, traditional mansion with a highly rated restaurant, while also boasting 11 guest rooms. It's such a beautiful building and the decor is absolutely perfect for a countryside B&B. It's really traditional with big open fireplaces, checked cushions and upholstery, patterned rugs and wooden floors and it manages to keep it feeling cute and cosy, without it being outdated. My favourite thing about the decor was these little handmade dogs. They were literally everywhere and are absolutely adroable - I mean look at them! I want my very own made for my bedroom! 

We were shown to our table in one of the dining rooms which stuck with the traditional countryside theme, with wooden floors and fireplaces, which is just what you want for afternoon tea really. We had absolutely loads of room on our table with comfy chairs and yep, another little dog next to us (can you tell I was a fan of the dogs?!)

Jess and I both ordered tea (naturally, who has coffee with afternoon tea?!) and were quickly served with our absolutely huge selection of food. It was on a really cool little stand with wooden boards, sandwiches and scones on the bottom, and the massive selection of desserts on the top. How frickin cute is it?! The sandwiches on the standard menu were beef and horseradish, ham and pease pudding, cucumber and cream cheese and smoked salmon. Being veggie, the meat sandwiches were substituted on mine for cheese and pickle and avocado and tomato and they were delicious. I think I could have eaten a full sandwich of each of the flavours they were that good! Jess assured me her meaty ones were lovely too but my favourite had to be the traditional cheese and pickle. Can't beat it! 

We also got a whopping three scones each which were fruit, cheese and plain, with clotted cream and jam. Jess said I was weird for having butter on my scone with the jam and cream but my scone always goes butter, jam and then the cream dolloped on the top. Anyone else or am I just a bit greedy? We got through two of the scones each but then took the others home with us as we had a massive four desserts to look forward to and everyone knows that the cakes are the most important part of any afternoon tea.

The desserts were banoffee sundae, a macaron, raspberry bakewell and chocolate brownie. Being a dessert person, I loved the sound of every single one of them. We started off by eating our banoffee sundae which had cream, fresh banana and lashings of toffee throughout. It was just enough to avoid it being sickly but as Jess and I both love banoffee, we could have probably eaten more! Next we got onto the bakewell tart which was again, delicious and a perfect size and we then tackled the huge macaroon (which I had been looking forward to since waking up Friday morning). The menu said orange and white chocolate but we both thought it tasted more like a raspberry one or something, but that didn't mean it was absolutely amazing. It was definitely my favourite dessert of all of them! After completely stuffing ourselves, we couldn't quite manage the brownie but St Mary's Inn gave us a cute little box to put our scones and brownies in for later. I'm not that keen on real chocolatey desserts like brownies so my brother wolfed it down as soon as I got home and I had my scone with my breakfast because why the hell not?! 

Overall, the afternoon tea was absolutely fantastic and I would go to St Mary's Inn again in a heartbeat. Plus, when looking at all of the delicious food we got, the price is amazing. It costs £14.95 each for this afternoon tea so it's actually really affordable and worth the drive from my area to St Mary's Inn! Big thanks to them for having us! 

Amy x

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  1. I love afternoon tea as well and this sounds like a dream! The place is so cute!


  2. The dessert and bakery look so yummy! The place looks really awesome too!


  3. It all sounds amazing!! Very jealous and I miss afternoon tea.

  4. I adore afternoon tea, and this just sounds so so amazing! x


  5. This looks so so delicious and the price is really good too x
    Eleanor Frances // UK Fashion & Beauty Blog

  6. Oo this looks amazing and in such a cute little place too. Afternoon tea is always lovely to do!
    Butter, jam and cream is OBV the way to do scones, I'm with you. ;)

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

  7. That afternoon tea looks insaneee.

    Sophie x

  8. Ah this all looks incredible. My mouth is actually watering a bit xx

  9. lovely place, and great pictures :) the food looks way to good - especially the macaroons and scones! mm mmm! :))
    Vaida @ www.donttellanyone.net/blog

  10. You are right about finding a place that does a good afternoon tea - they are few and far between! I've been to a few round the area I live and they were okay but not spectacular (or maybe I'm just picky).

    Great post! Pictures look amazing!! :)

    Shout John

  11. This looks so good! I loooove afternoon tea, especially macarons, that one looks epic! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  12. The presentation of the afternoon teas at St Mary's Inn is first class.

  13. It's a good base for exploring the surrounding countryside. Did you pop to the nearby farm? It's a good family-friendly attraction.


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